11 Most Romantic Ways to Propose Girl on Valentine’s Day That’ll Make Her Say Yes

how to propose a girl on valentine day

Here comes the much-awaited time of the year when you can finally pop the question you’ve been dying to ask your lucky lady. Valentine’s week signifies love, promises, and togetherness that brings with it a golden chance for you to ask your lady love for her beautiful presence in your life, for life. 

We know you are spending hours and hours thinking how to propose a girl on Valentine day, right? On this beautiful occasion, let us help you with some unique and creative ideas to propose on Valentine’s day that will make her say YESSSS. 

Quick Tip: Amid all the excitement and planning, don’t forget to keep your lady’s comfort and preferences on priority. It’s very important! 

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Here are 11 most romantic ways to propose a girl on valentine’s day to confess your love…….

1. Video Proposal

Man proposing his girlfriend on video call
Video Proposal

Why not start with the digital world’s most trending option, THE VIDEO PROPOSAL. You can do this on any platform you and your girl are comfortable with, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. Prepare a special video dedicated to her with her pictures, a romantic song, or you can even give a voice-over to the video with a special message

If you want the same proposal to be truly grand, you can take your girl for dinner and request the restaurant to stream the video on your cue. This, undoubtedly, is going to be the best moment of her life and yours too. 

Sounds interesting? Want to try? All the best! 

2. The Getaway Proposal

The Getaway Proposal
The Getaway Proposal

A Valentine’s getaway that’s all about her is yet another beautiful option to consider as one of the best ways to propose a girl to be your girlfriend. Do whatever she likes, eat wherever she loves, let her plan the day, and wrap it up with a surprise proposal at some beautiful destination. We are sure she will say ‘yes.’ 

3. The Treasure Hunt Proposal

The Treasure Hunt Proposal
The Treasure Hunt Proposal

A big no to all those cliche proposals? Do you want to propose your girlfriend in a very fun and interesting way? Try the treasure hunt proposal style. We agree it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but you can do it for your girl, right?

Tell her you’ve got her a beautiful gift, but she gets to keep it only when she successfully crosses all the stages of the treasure hunt you’ve planned for her. In the end, you two are going to unite forever. 

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4. The Radio Proposal

The Radio Proposal
The Radio Proposal

It’s a unique way to propose a girl. For this, you will have to plan a little with the radio station people for the special Valentine Proposal. You can guide them to play her favorite song followed by your recorded love message. Please make sure that you two are together when all of this is happening. At the end of the proposal, you can be on your knees with a promise ring. 

Will ever a girl say no to this? lets us know in the comment

5. The Alarm Proposal

The Alarm Proposal
The Alarm Proposal

For an offbeat idea on how to propose to a girl on Valentine’s day, try the alarm clock way. You might need her family’s or her sister’s help for this, but you can do it. Record your special message or proposal to make it her alarm tone (her sister can do it for you). She waking up to the proposal is the cutest thing we could imagine for her on a special day. When you guys meet later that day, it will be very, very special. 

6. The Flash Mob Proposal on the Propose Day

The Flash Mob Proposal on the Propose Day
The Flash Mob Proposal on the Propose Day

We have an interesting solution for how to propose a girl on propose day. Gather your friends, her friends, your family members, her family members to prepare a little something for her like a dance performance or a play or anything that suits you. Invite her to the appointed place and present everything to her. In the end, make a special entry and let her know what’s there in your heart. 

7. The Unique T-shirt Proposal

The Unique T-shirt Proposal 
The Unique T-shirt Proposal

Dost bohot zaroori hain life mein! 

Take your girl out on a date and plan everything with your friends. Make them wear customized T-Shirts with each letter of I LOVE YOU or WILL YOU BE MY GF or WILL YOU MARRY ME printed on each T-shirt. In the middle of the date, ask your friends to show up and scream surpriseeeeeee. While she is figuring out what just happened and reading the text, pop your question with a ring/gift/bouquet. 

8. The Skywriting Proposal

The Skywriting Proposal
The Skywriting Proposal

If you’re ready for this out-of-the-world proposal, her jaw is going to drop, for sure. For this idea, you will have to get in touch with a company that provides such services. Get your special message splashed in the sky and look at her nodding a YES, totally overwhelmed and dripping in a mixture of emotions. 

9. The Sing a Song Proposal

Man singing a Song to Propose girl on valentine's day
The Sing a Song Proposal

You will have to sing like the iconic singer Chetan Bhagat (lol).

Don’t worry if you’re the worst at it because that’s going to be the super fun element. You can take her to a Karaoke bar, record a song for her at home, or sing for her in private. To make it even more special, you can sing her a song written and composed by you. 

10. The Mesmerize Her With Your Words Proposal

The Mesmerize Her With Your Words Proposal 
The Mesmerize Her With Your Words Proposal

How about going some years down the lane and adopting the classic love letter style? Sounds romantic, haina? Pen down all your feelings on a piece of paper and hand it over to her on Valentine’s day with the bouquet or a gift. This beautiful how to propose a gal way will win her heart. 

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11. The All-time Favorite Propose With Flowers Style

The All-time Favorite Propose With Flowers Style
The All-time Favorite Propose With Flowers Style

The most iconic proposal with flowers still holds a special spot in how to propose a girl for girlfriend ideas list. Get her favorite flowers! 

We believe proposals should be memorable, and every girl secretly wishes for a dreamy proposal. Therefore, we have curated a collection of ways to propose a girl on Valentine’s day because it’s the right time to convey our feelings and emotions. 

Whether a grand gesture or a small one, your feelings and love matter to her. 

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