#Loneria Part 1 by #DateDoctor

excited Avani
Avani is Truly Madly’s #DateDoctor and founder of LoveDoctor.in where she and other professional counselors connect to answer questions about relationships, love and sexual health.
The time between the holidays, wedding season, and New Year’s Eve can be tough for those who want to #unsingle and willing to mingle but not knowing when and how to do it.
Recently many people have been contacting me complaining about some disturbing symptoms. The DateDoctor offices have been flooded with people suffering from a new type of disease and day by day the numbers are growing!
If you have any of these symptoms, you may be suffering from the new disease of Loneria – come and see the #DateDoctor STAT!
1. You are having a sad movie marathon on New Year’s Eve instead of finding a cool party to go to with your new honey–watching Tere Naam or Romeo and Juliet five times in a row.
2. Instead of your usual fitness routine you are sitting in your bed eating namkeen because you don’t have anyone to look hot for.
3. You keep looking at your ex’s DP and status message on WhatsApp to see if they have any secret encoded messages for you. (They don’t)
4. You’ve bought all of the late-night advertised oils and pills guaranteed to increase your stamina and attractiveness to the opposite sex.
5. You religiously check your horoscope each day to see if there are any signs of a new love coming into your life.
6. Since you have so much free time on your hands, you’ve volunteered to dance at 16 different shaadis this wedding season already …..
7. All of your Facebook photos include the caption “Single is my attitude”
If these or any other symptoms seem familiar, #DateDoctor has a cure for you! Stay tuned on how to prevent Loneria from ruining your new year in part 2 ….
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