Here’s What Happens When You Date a Homebody

For you, the perfect idea of spending time with your partner is getting dressed and exploring what your city has to offer? To your surprise, he/she’s a total homebody?

Homebody relationship can work like magic if you both are into it, but if one of the partners feels it’s boring, the relationship might experience some bumps, and there’d be clashes every time it’s the date day! 

From a different angle, dating a homebody has its own set of pros and cons you must be aware of.

dating a homebody

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Here you go with a brief list that offers a junction of pros and cons!

  • They know every restaurant in a certain radius around their homes that would deliver piping hot food and on time. Remember, it would be a little hard for you to convince them for a lunch or snack date in the same restaurant for a change.
  • They will always, always, and ALWAYS be ready for an up-and-close date. Dating a homebody is not that bad y’all! 
  • They will never have an issue with you going out with your friends since they will gain their alone time, which they so religiously dig. Homebody relationship might lack a little jealousy as your partner would be so busy enjoying alone time all by themselves. 
  • They are masters of the internet. Say, want to learn internet lingo? Want to know what’s ‘bae’? Go ask your bae. They’ll give the best answers. On the other hand, if you ask them what music genre is trending in clubs, oops! 
  • They have the perfect GIFs and funny memes to express each and every emotion. You can’t stay mad at them after this epic cuteness! Now when the coin is flipped, take them out only to handle their sulk every ten minutes.
  • By no degree of exaggeration, they are the world’s best cuddlers. All those days of practice with their soft pillows and blankets that they hold so dear, it’s but natural. Hold on, can there be anything negative in this to care? Homebody relationship is a win-win here! 
  • You will never ever be bored with them around. After all, staying at home with so much time at hand has its perks. They know pretty well how well to spend time. If you are someone from covid times, you know! 
  • They take pride in their homes and go to lengths to keep it cozy and clean. Ask them to get dressed up to go out, it’s a task friend! 
  • Want to watch a show or a movie on TV? No need to waste time searching for it in the guide. They got you covered with every show on, in that time slot, right on their tips. Movie shows at theatres? Help yourself! 
  • They know some great excuses to escape going out. So, the next time you don’t feel like it as well, you can very well borrow some awesome tips from them. Dating a homebody could be a saviour too! 
  • Staying most of the time indoors makes a homebody a patron of comfort clothing. So, you hardly ever need to worry about how you look when meeting them. It’s sad that your glamour side would be a secret for them! 
  • They hate the overpriced drinks and noisy crowds at nightclubs. It’s a different treat when they offer you their own recipes of various mocktails and cocktails. Not to mention, their dire desire to stay indoors makes them great at cooking. Nom nom nom! Sometimes it’s good to go out and have fun, right? 
  • There’s something utterly satisfying about showing them a new store or a restaurant that may have cropped up since the last time they came out of their shelter pad.
  • If they have chosen you and actually make an effort to get out of the house to ‘hang out’ with you, you must have REALLY impressed them a lot.
  • No, seriously! If they got you in their inner circle, you must be really VERY SPECIAL for them. So, be assured they will be extremely guarding and loyal towards this relationship.

Are you enjoying your homebody relationship?  Let us how it feels like dating a homebody below!

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