What Do Boys Like in a Girl – 5 Traits Boys Like

what boy like in girl

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If you think men like the perfect body, great ocean-like eyes, and pretty heavy assets, you might be right for the first few dates.

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But it takes more than the “display” to get the real man to hold on to you. They crave deeper connection; they want a companion they can adore and happily spend their lives with.

So check out these five traits that your guy will love in you madly. Check out what men want in a woman.

You are whole and self-confident:

A confident woman knows her worth. She is whole, happy, and does not need a man to approve her presence every single day.

Men like women who can take care of themselves. They want a lady they can brag and show off to the world.

What guys like about girls is when they are comfortable in their skins and lead their lives.

It does not necessarily mean they want you to be working in a corporate job; you can be a confident and joyful home-maker too! 

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You show him to trust and respect:

You appreciate the little things he does for you.

  • You accept his decisions.
  • You know he will do the best he can.

You express your gratitude in words and gestures! These little things make them feel responsible and admired.

Your guy will leave no stone unturned to keep you safe, happy, and loved, but you got to walk with him and support him in every stage of life.

You embrace your vulnerabilities:

What do boys like in a girl? When you show up fully to talk about your vulnerabilities, fears, and hidden secrets, he understands you are opening your emotional side to him, and he will respect you for that.

You don’t have to surrender and feel sorry about your past, it takes strength to unveil your truest self and embrace it without any judgment, and he will guard you if you let him in.

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You are fun to be around:

With all the politics, crazy traffic jams, and sheer nonsense on the television screen, your man would want to have fun with you.

What men want in a woman is that he would love it if you could just loosen up your grip and be completely comfortable & free with him.

He does not want you to do things perfectly; he wants you to make ridiculous faces, act cute, laugh out loud with him and just be silly and also watch his favorite action movies or series together.

You nurture your femininity:

When you dress up, feel good about yourself and pamper your body, mind, and soul; he loves you even more.

Men like your soft side, and they will go gaga over your hair, your heels, and whatnot. Always keep your feminine energy alive and greeted!

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