12 Habits That Land You The Worst Guys

Bad boys may appear cool or even hot and they may be too intriguing and interesting to overlook but being in a relationship with one is also too emotionally draining to say the least. It is definitely not worth when you were in such a relationship and its even more baffling and remorseful to leave one and jump into another that’s no better either. So, why do girls keep on landing the worst guys? These are the 12 habits that explains the vicious cycle.

1. You tend to ignore the quite guy sitting in the corner and get attracted to the loudest guy in the party when the latter is only an immature boy desperate for some attention.

2. Even if they may have been rude to the waitress or made an inappropriate comment on you, you reward them by ignoring and still  flirting with them.

4. You are too comfortable to break your familiar dating pattern and tend to go out with the kind of guys you have already had a toxic experience with before.

5. You think of nice guys as boring and shove them down into the friend-zone instead.

6. You say you want to be treated nice but ignore it when they treat you badly thinking it’s just one time or that they will change.

7. You are too emotionally harsh yourself and so end up with guys who share the same sarcastic sense of humor, steering the emotionally mature guys away.

8. You are too afraid to let your guard down and so end up with guys who aren’t looking to bond but only for a superficial fling.

9. You judge a guy on the basis of how hot he looks and don’t care for what’s beneath his skin.

10. You jump into a relationship too fast without analysing him or if you are again repeating the same mistake.

11. You see the approval of a bad boy as a sign of your own desirability.

12. You are just too lazy to keep looking for the guy with the right combination of traits you want and instead settle for the guy who approaches you first.

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