First Dinner Date Rules All Guys Must Swear By

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Your first date is undeniably a very important event that you cannot take lightly. It is what that decides the future of your relationship with your date. So, it automatically becomes quite important for you to make it unmistakeably smooth. So, if you two are going out on the classic dinner date, make sure it is an unforgettable experience for you both. And to make it such, here are some must have do’s and don’t’s that guys must follow religiously if you want to get it perfectly right.
First Dinner Date Rules All Girls And Guys Must Swear By
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1. Take care of your look.

Lock away all your tees and hoodies in your wardrobe and get into something more semi-formal to formal depending upon where you are heading to dine. But take care that your look should not be too fancy and definitely not shabby.

2. Choose a place you know well taking into account your date’s preferences.

Or you can also take her suggestion. But mind you, choose well. You simply cannot take a risk with the quality of food or ambience!

3. Order food wisely.

Foods that are messy to eat or don’t agree well with the bodily functions should be left out without question even if they may be your favourite.

4. Be polite and considerate of the waiting staff.

Your date is constantly mindful of your behaviour so be at your best of it. Also, while paying the bill or tipping try to be as discreet as possible.


1. Don’t feel obligated to take your date somewhere expensive.

You don’t want to spend your entire paycheck there itself. Besides, what if she gets a taste of it and expects the same kind of high end treatment even the next time?

2. Don’t order for her.

Even if you know every item on the menu by heart, refrain from ordering for her. You can of course guide her in making a choice if she asks for it.

3. Don’t drink more than you can handle.

It is even better to thoughtful enough to first ask if the lady is comfortable with liquor or not. And definitely do not insist that she have it too.

4. Don’t just focus on your food.

You need to talk a little too. And needless to say, without food in your mouth. Forgetting your table manners is a bio ‘O’ No. image source /
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