6 Things That Keep You Away From Getting Unsingled


You may want to be in a relationship for long. But every time you feel you are coming closer to being unsingled, you find yourself going even farther from getting in a relationship.

And unfortunately, more than often you are totally clueless as to why that happens with you all the time. So, why is it so?

Read on to find out.

1. You have set ridiculous standards and expectations from ‘the one’.

Having expectations and knowing what you want is good. But keeping unrealistic expectations and setting too high criteria to be met only ruins your chance at finding love.

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2. You hardly ever play you.

This is the worst mistake to commit. Pretending to be someone you are not leaving unsure of yourself. Besides, how long can anyone keep on the façade? Once your true self comes into light, it will feel like treachery for both your date and you. And if you know the truth deep behind you, you know that you should unsingle.

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3. You love yourself too much to love anybody else.

Self-love is good. Even great. But only to a certain limit, for after that, it becomes selfishness. You have to see that your self-love doesn’t hamper your care and dedication toward your partner and relationship. After you have learned to give them the respect and love they deserve, only you imagine the alliance to work. Being unsingle because of this reason could be a good choice.

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4. You concentrate on finding a catch and not on being a catch yourself.

If you want a fantastic person who can make you swoon with their personality, intelligence and behavior, you need to work on yourself too on those fronts. It’s obvious, isn’t it? If they don’t find you as attractive, why would they want to stay?

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5. You are too impatient, settle too easily or give up too quickly.

Getting and staying in a relationship is a strenuous process. You can neither jump in it too fast and without thinking, nor can you give up on them without giving them enough chances to prove their worth for you.

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6. You are too afraid to put yourself out there.

Shutting yourself up in a box and thinking the perfect guy would just dream of you and come knocking on your door is foolishness. You need to try all the aspects of finding a date than dismissing any as being desperate or a lost cause. Meet new people, go places, make a dating profile, make new friends and be open to dating. You should try everything and take things into your hands, then let it rest without giving it even a chance.

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