5 Reasons Why Starbucks is the Best Place For Date

best place for date

Crush: “Hey! Let’s meet? ”

You: “Sounds great, where?”

TrulyMadly says Starbucks – The best place for a date!

And we’re giving you five reasons why your next date should be a Starbucks date.

1. Yawn off, the date on:

With our favorites Caramel Macchiato, Classic Chai Tea Latte or any other cool beverage by your side, you will be bustling with little jolts of energy.

And this, my friend, can help keep the conversation flowing and kill any remotely possible awkward silences.

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Moreover, if you’re meeting your date after a super hectic day at work or college, take a little help from rechargeable Espresso, and you’ll be 100% ears and eyes on your date.

2. #ThereIsNoPlaceLikeStarbucks:

Like no two snowflakes are alike, we can say the same for Starbucks. Every store has a unique charm of its own.

The earth-tone comfy feeling from the ambiance itself will wipe away your first-date jitters, making it a less pressure situation for you.

If all goes well, make sure you whip your camera out and take a #StarbucksDate selfie.

3. The second best thing in the world is free here:

Yes, we’re talking about free wifi at Starbucks! And you know the zillion things you can do together.

Date tip: Challenge them for an online game. And who knows, you may turn out to be their permanent ‘Candy Crush.’ Going on a coffee date is the best first date idea.

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4. A little more on the cups:

If the conversation brewing with your date is so great and you don’t want your date to end, definitely go for a refill.

But this time, get quirky and ask the ever-friendly barista to scribble something cute you have in mind. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask them out again. Isn’t it one of the most romantic date ideas?

5. Coffee and unlimited conversation:

Sitting around a round table with two cups of coffee. Now, what else is missing? It’s 3-4 hours of uninterrupted chit-chat, and the process of getting to know each other becomes smooth.

It’s more like breaking all the dating constraints like online dating, texts, calls, etc. You sit comfortably with each other over a cup of coffee, and the day unfolds most beautifully.

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So what are you waiting for? UnSingle with TrulyMadly and Starbucks this Valentine’s. Like the Starbucks profile on the TrulyMadly app to know more.

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