20 Weird Things Anyone Who’s Dating Their Bestie Would Relate To

Dating your best friend is the best thing that can happen to any person. All the silly awkwardness, insecurities and uncertainties have no place in such a relationship. But then, that certainly doesn’t mean it is the cutest little rainbow of a relationship either. When you are dating your bestie, there are loads of weird things you tend to do:

1. Somehow, you have phases where you become obsessed with a particular food or a restaurant and eat only there for a period.

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2. There’s no scope of embarrassment since you guys have already been through the worst together.

3. You have so many codes and signs that you can practically formulate a whole new language of your own.

4. You have grown comfortable with all their gross habits and strangely find them endearing too.

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5. You practically know every single detail of each other’s inner circles of friends.

6. You have so many cute and stupid nicknames for each other that you can use a new one each day.

7. But you still can’t think of any reason to not make fun of each other all the time.

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8. You don’t even bother to be at your groomed best while seeing them.

9. In fact most of your dates are nothing but video games or movie nights you both worship.

10. And the official venue and dress code of the date always remains the same: at your house, in your pajamas.

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11. You are the most brutal competitors and don’t stop at anything to win a game of cards or a bet.

13. But your actual fights usually trail off into long and teary laughter on something totally adrift the topic of your original debate.

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14. You have a common hate list that you both keep sacred and never dare trespass with friendship.

15. The way your parents love and praise your bae, more than you, it is almost alarming. And that’s vice versa.

16. Most of your gifts are downright crazy and ridiculous.

17. But it’s usually pertaining to one of your many inside jokes that only they can understand.

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18. You can burst out into a silly dance sequence or a dumb song any time and without much ado.

19. You know what the other is thinking and going to say even before they tell you.

20. And when you have had a big fight or wanted some time alone, you know all you really want is to stay with them even if you both say nothing for hours at length.

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