12 Unique Reasons To Date A Girl Who Paints

dating an artist

A person who paints, who takes photographs, who acts, a speaker, and a person who makes pots is an artist.

Artists are often perceived as moody, brooding, and short-tempered, but let me tell you, it is just the opposite; they are nothing like that.

A girl who paints is known as a creative and intimidating person. In this blog, we are going to talk about dating an artist and what it is like.

When you start dating a painter, you will know what a beautiful and colorful soul she has.

Here are 12 unique reasons you should go on a date with a girl who paints:

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#1 She is one passionate soul. Being passionate about what you like to do and what you are, is the only way to live life. She fought the world to take a road that hardly anyone takes. When you start dating an artist, you will start seeing things differently.

artist-1-passion-alone-soulImage source

#2 All you need to do is be her inspiration; she is a happy soul. You don’t have to do anything but fancy your face on a canvas for her

artist-2-girl-painting-alone-natureImage source

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#3 She is an ardent dreamer and believes in them. She is someone who finds beauty in everything. She has a deep imagination, and she sees things that others generally won’t see.

artist-3-chennai-2open-meadows-grass-nature-scenry-air-landscape-beautiful-rockstar-ranbir-nargis-happy-freeImage source/ Eros International

#4 She is extremely gifted and talented and makes sure you get equally creative and thoughtful gifts as well. Isn’t it a great reason to date a painter woman?

artist-4Image source

#5 This girl is hard-working who has gone through the struggles of finding a niche for herself. This makes her someone tough and strong who will stand by you through thick and thin.

artist-5-quirky-1-deepika-smile-turn-back-flirt-love-aaj-kalImage source/ Eros International

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#6 She enjoys working at her own will, so if you feel like taking an early off to catch a cup of coffee with her, she can always hop in. But you can still ask if you both can paint together? It may be a fun experience after all.

artist-6-coffee-date-prewedding-photoshoot-e1428518146109Image source

#7 She will come up with the most unique and creative solutions to your everyday problems.

artist-7-excited-magic-talk-katrina-znmdEros International

#8 She is a creative person, and she can create a masterpiece out of scrap. For example, she can make good use of an egg carton and old bottles and make them beautiful with her creativity.

artist-8Image source

#9 When you are dating an artist, just be ready for every type of conversation. She is like a knowledge sponge soaking in new information, people, and places. You will never be bored when she is around with her interesting tales.

artist-9-alia-humpty-sharma-ki-dulhania-varun-dhawan-playful-love-coupleImage source/ Dharma Productions

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#10 She is a free thinker and broad-minded, who believes in the Live and Let Live phrase. She knows when to speak, and some debates are not worth her time. But she won’t judge you even if you come up with a lame excuse for skipping a date.

artist-10-telugu-10-sonam-ayushmaan-agree-smile-bewakoofiyaanYash Raj Films

#11 Being with her widens your horizon as well. You will start looking at the world with a fresh eye without any judgment.


#12 When you are with her, you get to enjoy your personal space because she understands its importance well and truly worships her own. You won’t have to think about the thoughts, no need to filter them when you are with this girl.

artist-12alone-beach-river-sad-sunset-my-name-is-khan-kajolImage source/ Fox Searchlight Pictures

So these were the 12 reasons to date a girl who paints. 

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