9 Out Of The Box First Date Ideas

First dates are too anxiety inducing… not so much for the fact that it’s your first date with someone you really want to click with but because choosing the right place is always tricky. While you always have the options for the classic dinner and movie, one always craves for something different and fun. So, here’s your dating guide to first date ideas that are out of the box and oh so fun!

1. Challenge each other over a game at your local game arcade or better still a sport like basketball or tennis that you may both love.

2. Go to a used book store or even a library and browse through books and acquaint each other with your favorite passages or quotes.

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3. Take a yoga, music, cooking or dance class together.

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4. Take a walk, go cycling or take your dogs for a walk in a local park and brew interesting conversation amidst fresh air.

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5. Attend a film or music festival being organized in your locality.


6. Visit a local tourist spot or go sightseeing in your own city.

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7. Let your date help you select a gift for your mom, sis or a friend. And slip in a small gift for your date as well.

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8. Seek a psychic’s future prediction for you and your date or say even both of you as a couple just for the fun of it.


9. Get up too early and witness sunrise from a an otherwise very busy spot in your city and then enjoy tea and breakfast at a local vendor’s.

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