12 Tips To Plan An Awesome Date With Your Guy For India-Australia World Cup Semi-Finals

Cricket and that too world cup is every Indian’s weakness! You just can’t leave a match for any damn thing! And when it’s India Vs. Australia Semi-Finals, how the hell can you ever even think of doing anything but being home all day just to watch the men in blue beat the Kangaroos?!! So, if you want to spend some fun, casual and exciting moments with your bae too, why not mix the two up?!! Psst… If you recently annoyed him or you know, want to go on shopping or something, it’s your golden chance for that as well! Just a little help from our great tips here and you will have a wondrous time with him, living the exciting match. So, gird your loins and follow these simple steps.

1. Keep the décor casual and sporty to build the game spirit. Try putting up posters of your favorite players and some flyers.

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2. And even cricket bat, ball, jersey etc. for an added appeal or simply decorate the room in blue theme to get your cheering hormones soaring!

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3. Keep ready some good fuss free finger foods like chips, chicken wings and French fries to savour during the game.

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4. Or order pizza and something to gulp it down with… because you don’t want to get your fingers messy when you want to madly whistle and clap when they beat the Aussies’ as*es!!


5. Fix the time of the date about at least half an hour prior to the starting time of the game so that you don’t miss out on anything… not even the toss!

12 Steps To Plan An Awesome Date Watching India-Australia World Cup Semi-Finals With Your Guy
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6. Keep water handy too… Because you can’t afford to miss out on Virat’s probably epic six!

image source/ Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.

7. A warning note though: Keep check on your water intake because it’s an omen to leave your seat when India’s on the crease. And if Dhoni gets out…. India ka toh pata nahin but your date will be in a great jeopardy!

image source/ Viacom 18 Motion Films

8. Wear casual and comfortable clothes or those lucky pair of shorts that have always had India win since the past 5 years!

Yash Raj Films 

9. Or better pull on Team India’s jersey…. Get one for him as well. He’ll forever love you for that!

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10. Keep ready a box full of crackers to burst with your guy and celebrate after India wins!

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11. Or… (Don’t be a panauti!) There’s no ‘or’ here! At the end of the match you will shout this out with him from your verandah…

image source/ Sony Entertainment Television

12. Now go enjoy the crazy game with him!

image source/ Hari Om Entertainment- T-Series
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