12 Times You Definitely Thought Being in a Relationship Sucks

suck at relationships

Being in a relationship is beautiful.. It is something you had always thought of being in! But now that you are in a relationship you know better.

Yes, it has its plus points and incomparable cheesy and ‘lovely’ times.. but there is no denying the fact you have had your fair share of the situations and instances where you wholeheartedly felt ‘Being in a relationship sucks! So hard!!’

#1 When You Had to Console Your Boyfriend Because His Favourite Team Lost the Cup.

Even if you don’t want to get out of your comfy pajamas but don’t forget, your boyfriend needs you right now.

You will have to gather up all your courage to get into those goddamn prickly jeans and brave the traffic to go console your bf when his favorite team lost the cup.

It doesn’t matter if you were the CEO of the company. That thing comes every damn month.. not this; that’s when you feel you suck at relationships Right?

suck at relationshipsImage source/ UTV Movies

#2 Cancelling on Your Friends.

A very common reason why relationships suck is when you cancel on a night out or outstation trip with your friends.

Now that you have made a dinner reservation with your girlfriend, you need to keep that and no matter you miss out on something awesome with your boys.  

What are you saying? Katrina Kaif was there to promote her movie!! Oh f***!!!

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#3 One of the Many Times When You Are Frustrated Till the Limit of Pulling Either Your Own or His Hair While Fighting and Can Neither Tell Him to Leave Nor Stomp Out Yourself!

Because although neither of you remembers what the fight was about, still as soon as you take a step out, the fight would come to an end but you would be labelled the ‘villain’ of the whole plot.

why relationships suckImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#4 Boy, You Have No Right to Appreciate Any Other Woman.

Imagine this, you are sipping coffee with your girlfriend and a really hot woman passes in front of you but you can’t even tilt your head to appreciate her curves sincerely.

This is why people suck at relationships because they get jealous and start keeping track of their partners activities and start questioning them.

why do i suck at relationshipsImage source/ UTV Movies

#5 You Have to Like Their Friends Too

Really, being in a relationship sucks because you have to like their friends even if they are horrible.

You will have to make sure that you take time out to hang out with them no matter if their best friend doesn’t like you.

suck at relationshipsImage source/ Eros International

#6 Extra concerned about your partner

There are times when you are super exhausted but still you need to ask them if they are okay or if there is anything they need.

You have to be extra sensitive towards their needs and on top of it you need to act accordingly, this is when you get the feeling of why mostly people suck at relationships

why relationships suckImage source/ UTV Motion Pictures

#7 When You Will Crave for Some Alone Time.

The time when you are dead exhausted after a tiring week and just want to spend the entire weekend hibernating in your bunk but have to go out for a dumb movie anyway.

Because you don’t want to hear another lecture on ‘how we need to spend more time together!

why do i suck at relationshipsImage source

#8 All of Those Really Annoying Instances When You Have to Sacrifice for the Other.

Being in a relationship sucks when you want to go to Goa for vacations. Nope, he hates beaches and loves hills, so Coorg, here we come. Or do you love olives? Here, baby have mine too! Yes I’m referring to HIMYM, Marshal Erickson’s olive theory secret… You suck!

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#9 Talking to Other People or Fear of Cheating.

Why do I suck at relationships? I hate answering!

Most annoying part of the relationship is when they keep an eye on your phone. People in a relationship sometimes feel trapped because they have to explain who they are texting or calling or meeting. 

why relationships suckImage source/ Dreamz Unlimited

#10 When You Have to Buy Him/ Her Birthday, Anniversary and Diwali Present Boring Actual Holes in Your Pocket.

It doesn’t really matter if you are broke to your very core but you make sure to have his/her birthday present ready.

relationship in indiaImage source

#11 That Time When You Meet Your Gf/bf’s Parents and Instantly Dislike Them but Have to Smile ‘sweetly’ and Apologise for Everything From Your Weird Haircut to Bad Clothes and Even Your Lousy Job.

Or if they are not that devil from hell, you surely have to laugh at their nonsensical pain in your a** (and chest alike) jokes.

relationship in indiaImage source/ Yash Raj Films

#12 When your Satanist siblings lay a hand on your phone and can’t stop making fun of you or your lovey-dovey messages to your boyfriend.

The moment their peculiar laughter and unreasonable ‘khana khaya?’ sounds, you know your bf arrived to pick you up.

relationship in indiaImage source / Featured Image Source

These are a few situations which we all go through when in a relationship. Comment below if you care about any of these things we have listed above. 

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