Why You Must #AskHerOut On A Datelicious Date

Gentlemen of TrulyMadly!  We’re making your dates datelicious  😀
Take a look at our super yummy offers at the best restaurants specially listed for you: www.datelicious.in
That’s right! Now you have a zillion excuses up your sleeve to ask your cute TrulyMadly girl out on a date.
Here are some incredible ones from us 😉
1. If you’re a Movember Man, just one look at your stache and you’ll get a YES from her in less than 1..2..3 secs
2. Goodbye fork, it’s time to show off your finger-ninja skills on the table.
3. After winks, hearts and kisses from your TrulyMadly girl- seriously bro! What are you waiting for?
4. When the window of opportunity is really, really, really small …..
5. Monday.. Tuesday.. Wednesday… Thursday.. blink Monday again! Yes, weekend travels at the speed of light.
6. Be the man of your TrulyMadly match!
ask her out series_2-01
7. Level up! Can you keep up with the games she likes to play? 😉
ask her out series_2-03 (1)
8. Dating forecast: Huge possibility of lightning sparks between the two of you!
ask her out series_2-02 (1)
9. Cause you know why… 😛
ask her out series_2-04 (1)
10. Of course! The ladies ABsolutely love the AB show!
Not on TrulyMadly?
Download our app and #AskHerOut on a datelicious date!  😉
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