What’s so scary about online matchmaking?

All things new can be scary and that’s natural. But when it comes to our industry, it’s our responsibility to tell you the truth about why a few people are apprehensive about online matchmaking and how their fears actually don’t apply to TrulyMadly.com. In fact,TrulyMadly.com was formed after Rahul, Hitesh and Sachin (our founders) had bad experiences with online matchmaking and wanted to change things around. 
1. You expect creepy men with fake names to be on matchmaking sites

We keep the creeps and freaks away by verifying profiles strictly. If someone doesn’t agree to a verification step, their trust score will let you know.
2. You expect hundreds of desperate dullahs in your inbox per week

We don’t send you random emails with 100 ‘soulmates’ in a go. We match you based on compatibility and only send the best results.
3. Lots of mummy papas come online to represent their laadla munda

You don’t want to go on a date with his mom, so we don’t want you to talk to her before you speak to him! Only verified singles here 🙂
4. Everything is about shaadi in 2 weeks. So impersonal!

It’s not just about shaadi on TrulyMadly.com. We help you meet fun people whom you’d like to get to know better. What you do after that is your business. We won’t make any random vivaah promises.
5. Log kya kahenge?!

Your privacy is important to us. Only people who are matched to your profile will be able to see you on TrulyMadly. Your cousin won’t know you’re with us when he Googles you.
Got any more concerns? Write to us and we will tell you how we can help you out 🙂

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