What do women really want? This Girl might have the answer!

After our very successful event, launching Yashodhara Lal‘s new book “When Love Finds You“, with Harper Collins India, we hosted an Open Mic session.
The topic of discussion in the house was “What Women Really Want” and the winner of our Open Mic, Roopala Saxena, brought a brand-new perspective with her soul-touching poem.
The 19-year-old from Delhi University has her own Blog Page and writes regularly in her free time.
Below is the poem she wrote and recited:
“Beneath the sea, beyond the sky,
At the heaven’s brink, dreams float and fly.
The glittering eyes, the squeaky voice,
The prettiest pallor, Oh World, REJOICE!
The rising hope, the glowing dawn,
Enters the world, the golden fawn.
Here departs despair, and loss diminished,
Here shines a new light,
Oh World, get REPLENISHED!
Too less to learn, too much to give,
With the stream of knowledge, she wished to live.
How hard she tries, how can one insist!
A power, unbound. Oh Girl, RESIST!
The one who cheers, who lends a hand.
Unconditional love, in a no man’s land!
Who owns the worries, so others elate.
The strongest pillar, Oh World, RELATE!
Her excellent strive, the endless pains.
Rising high, her goal she gains.
The will to win, with self-esteem.
The new era, and begins her REGIME!
Daring to dream, of coloured rainbows.
No matter who reaps, all that she sows.
The brook goes on, with her soothing effect.
Who maligns her, she should REJECT!
But now comes the waning moon,
How time changes, with sorrow soon!
The shattered glass, the hue and cry,
But firm in opinion, Oh Girl, RETRY!
Turning events, she blossoms spring.
Freezing the gloom, that winters bring.
She welcomes joy, ready to evolve.
Failing failure, Oh Girl, RESOLVE!
Now the day brightens, for the sun shines yet again!
Here sprouts another life, the final gain to her pain.
Leading the way, her strengthened clarity,
She shapes the past, the future, the REALITY!
The pained shoulders, the wrinkled face,
The silvered locks, yet something left to trace.
She lived and gave. Love did she endorse.
And life’s curtain fell, Alas, REMORSE!
Her glorious past, her vision for future,
Well she was sure, the world would nurture.
All that she did, with soul and mind,
Well she was sure, the world would REWIND, the world would REWIND!”

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