What A Good Guy Will Never Do To The Girl He Is Dating

First thing’s first. This is no preaching. Nor is it a set of codes to create a hologram of some imagined virtual man. Good guys are real and those who are good certainly follow these norms. It is what that comes to them naturally. But a word though, if the guy you are dating isn’t anything like that, be certain you aren’t dating a good guy at all. So, gear up to find out what a truly nice guy doesn’t do to the girl he dates.

1. He Won’t criticize her looks.

Picking apart the looks and making lame remarks like ‘you would look better if you shed some weight’ or ‘maybe you should use some make up?’ are both disrespecting and degrading. A good person will never do this to any girl.
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2. Will not invade her personal space.

Personal space is sacred and a good man knows if his own space is important to him he should respect the girl’s privacy as well. This is where the question of trust also comes into play. Sneaking a peek into her phone or her handbag is a strict no no.
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3. Will never discourage her.

A good person is one who stands by his girl in all her endeavors and encourage her to do better and pursue her dreams instead of pulling her leg down or lowering her moral.
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4. Won’t need her to prove her worth to him.

If he likes a girl he won’t have her proving her worth to him. He will value her and give her importance in his life by including her in his own decisions and discussing with her important matters.
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5. Will not avoid important conversations.

Important talks will always be important even if he has to hang out with the guys. If the need be, he will never avoid such discussions and sort things out first.
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6. Won’t make her feel like his last priority.

Ditching her for some dumb movie he planned last minute with his gang is no way on a good guy’s agenda. He will treat her as his priority and have enough respect and courtesy to show her just that.
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7. Will never make her feel like an outcast in front of his friends.

It is the worst kind of behavior to leave and forget your girl when you are with your ‘other’ friends. If she means something to him, he will never make her feel left out, instead he will make efforts to help her blend in his group… That’s unless he isn’t a good guy.
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8. Will never let her feel alone in a relationship.

Being alone in a relationship is the worst kid of loneliness. A good guy will make sure he is available for his girl emotionally and physically and share and her joys and sorrows too.
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9. Won’t ever cheat on her.

A total NO if he is a good person.
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10. NEVER abuse her.

Respect is of utmost importance in any relationship. If a guy is good he will always treat his girl with respect and never ever will abuse her be it emotionally, verbally or physically. That’s the axiom of the good guys’ league.
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