Not Your Usual Matchmakers

Hello, everyone! We’ve had a rather interesting morning today, full of heavy discussions about making choices this election, standing up for the right way to do things and taking responsibility instead of cribbing about the status quo.
We’re sure you’re excited about voting for change this time around, so while you’re in the mood to discuss issues that make a difference, we’d like to talk about matchmaking and how we plan to help it evolve into something that fits your modern world view.  
In case you haven’t read this article by Forbes, here’s a quick list of what the world really thinks about the online matchmaking industry in India:
1. Parents lead whole process
2. Descriptions like “He wants to get married to a nice decent girl, who is caring, soft spoken & good at heart” actually work.
3. Fake profiles are as common as mosquitoes in the Indian summer.
4. (Religion + Money + Caste) > Love
We at TrulyMadly, on the other hand, plan to break all these stereotypes with our fabulous new model! Here’s how:
With TrulyMadly, we have come one step closer to #BreakingStereotypes about India and Indians. Help us out by giving us suggestions, sharing your story and telling us what you think.

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