Here Are The Most Famous TV Guys You’d Love To Date


Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

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Ted Evelyn Mosby is LEGENDARY! He’s the grandmaster of grand gestures – from arranging 2-minute cheesy dates to almost shifting countries for the girl of his dreams; he’s everything modern-day Romeos are all about!

The 3′ o’clock friend, the walking’ corrector,’ the talking architect, his colorful personality can win any girl over in one date.

We were all a part of the nine-year dating misadventures of his search to find the “one,” but it was worth the wait, wasn’t it?

Chandler Bing – Friends

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Chandler Bing is a million miles away from being your ‘typical’ romantic. He was a commitment-phobe initially, but he made the elusive but ideal transition from being friends with Monica to being her forever bae.

Famous for his sarcastic quips, he was always there to light up a tense moment with a quick joke.

He’s got awkward dance moves, and he unknowingly ruins a couple of photos with just a smile, but a guy with his wicked sense of sarcasm comes once in a millennium.

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Jon Snow – Game of Thrones

Jon Snow – Game of Thrones
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Jon Snow is a man of high morals and equally high sex appeal 

With sad puppy eyes and a rough exterior, he was a reluctant Romeo who eventually fell for love-struck Ygritte.

But in the end, he lived by his code, and his vows took over the matters of the heart. Skilled swordsman and a natural leader; he’s quite an enigma.

A million fans prayed for him to come back to life, and it looks like God answered their prayers. 

Harvey Spector – Suits

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Always dressed to kill with his sharp looks, he’s witty and sexy as hell. Every time he walks into a room, he owns everyone’s attention.

A natural badass he’ll break every rule in the book to get what he wants. It is always in charge and uber-confident (his hairdo alone can win cases), it takes just one look it takes to make any woman lust after him. We love such bad boys, don’t we?


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If you’re up for a mental affair, Sherlock is your imaginary bae. The sexiest detective on TV is the master of deduction, and his wits are of mass seduction.

He’d pretend not to care for you, but actually, he’d be watching you very closely and be all ears to every word you’re saying. (YES! Finally, someone is!)

He’ll be returning this fall, so keep that excitement going!

Tell us your favorite TV hottie in the comments below!

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