Three Dating Tips For Busy Bees

Having just put in 15 hours at work yesterday and again today, I’ve just realized what a nightmare it would have been for me to squeeze in a coffee or lunch date on either of these days. What if you are having a crazy busy time at work too and a nice guy has asked you out and you happen to find him quite charming but are truly struggling to make time? Here’s how I suggest you tackle that!
1. Don’t say “No!”
Common, if you think the guy is cute, then you’ve got to meet him at least once no matter how happy you are as a career woman (unless you’ve completely sworn off relationships, of course!). And unless you are the kind who believes in making the guy wait two weeks so you damn well know that he damn well knows that your worth it: just say okay. And then go on to briefly explain how busy things are at work for you and that you will get back to him with a couple of options that work for you. If he is mature enough, he will understand, go with what you’ve said, and will try to figure out a time and place that could work for both of you.
2. Apologise Sweetly and Think on Your Feet
What if the time and date comes around, and then something crops up at work? It’s okay, there’s always tomorrow, but apologise sweetly first. And then think on your feet about ways to make a little catch up happen. How about he drops you somewhere? How about you go on a morning walk together at a park instead of you hitting the gym? How about coffee at the airport a couple of hours before your flight out if he happens to be around the area or flying in around the time? Think on your feet, you don’t need a perfect setting and perfect time. On the go keeps it really real and easy, and, you’ll quickly get to know each-other, which is the point of dating anyway!
3. Wear your best Smile and think on Your Feet
So there are days and then there are DAYS! Like today, I didn’t get around to having a shower until 5pm because I started work at 7am whilst still in my jammies. Okay, admittedly that’s a bad example for those who don’t work from home a couple of days a week like I do, but you get the drift.  So, I’d say, if you ain’t dressed for it (okay, may be jammies were a bad reference after all – but let’s say your hair isn’t perfect and your make up’s not done at all or one of your nails is chipped), it’s okay. Wear your confidence and your smile, even slip in a little apology if that makes you feel better, and then get on with it. The guy’s gotta like you without all the dressing up at some point anyway! And frankly, nobody is always perfect!
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Lakshmi Rebecca is a filmmaker, anchor and vlogger. She runs India’s first award-winning Youtube channel, is a travel vlogger, runs an audio podcast series called India Startup Chat and blogs about life. She is single girl and a creative entrepreneur. Check out her work at

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