They Truly Love You When They Love You At Your Worst

When in a relationship, the moments you spend together is what makes your memories and they need not always be picture perfect. You love your beau that’s for sure but what makes you love them may not be from a corny romantic novel with the title, ‘101 things that make me love you’.
Sure if you do find such a book, 10 or more of the ‘things’ mentioned in it may match your liking criteria as well. But then, what you like or rather what you love about your bae cannot be accounted by an unknown writer, sitting behind his desk in an another country, in an another continent with the gathered mythical traits spanning multiple people that may or may not exist.
It would not be too cheesy or filmy to say you don’t just love your partner’s good things but also their bad ones. When he goes on and on, enlightening you with the unwelcoming cricket facts, it would be annoying to any given living soul who has no interest in sports but you may still find it adorable for some unknown reason. The point is that you start liking them even at their worst because that’s what makes them them. Those small irksome habits are as much part of them as the loving and sweet ones that may be attractive to any random person.
We try to be at our best in front of strangers or acquaintances. Remember when you went on the first date with him, all dolled up,  sophisticated and civilized? But now even if he yells at you for wiping your ketchup laden fingers on the cushion, you simply chuckle to yourself while helping yourself to some more fries. This is what tells you how comfortable you have grown with your beau.
These seemingly obtuse things are actually what that strengthen your relationship. They are small and undeniably your worst reflection but that’s what makes you secure with your partner. They make you smile at their flaws, embrace them and laugh at your own making you feel completely yourself.
Any couple feels more bonded when they have mutually accepted each other as they are. The others may find your intellect, humour or empathy commendable but when you are with your SO, you don’t care being any of those things or try to tame your true nasty self. You can stay home the whole weekend in a single pair of pajamas or be your quirkiest self without a second thought and will still be loved. This is the phase of a relationship that is better than all those made up first dates indeed because you get to know for sure they love you despite and because they love your worst self too.
Featured Image Source / Soumenath
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