The Most Ridiculously Romantic UnSingle Stories in 2015

Coming straight out of a Mills and Boon novel, my ideal Friday evening was watching a romantic movie with a box of tissues next to me. So, working at a dating app was actually a perfect fit for the hopeless romance-hungry me.
Chemistry is a strange thing: very obvious, yet can still be denied. We’ve seen TrulyMadly couples who are starry-eyed from the first chat, and there are some who started off on an awkward note. And then come those stories that fill all of us with intoxicating romantic fantasies as we breathe out a collective ‘’Awwww’’.
1. “Don’t you talk to strangers?’’
*drunk* “Hey…how’s you baby?!’’
Esha was drunk and had no recollection of their first chat.
Amey’s friends were drunk and had no recollection of Amey gushing over a girl’s dating profile.
She apologized the next day for her drunk texts, and he being the perfect gentleman, laughed off the episode. Short, embarrassed texts turned to long emails and it was the start of something beautiful. Two months in, he decided to fly down and meet her. It was only when he went back and showed pictures of the both of them to his co-workers, that he realized despite the distance, he had found his happily-ever-after land.
2. ‘’We met for the first time on my birthday- best surprise ever!’’
How much time does it take for two paranoid-about-love-and-commitment people to find each other? Turns out, it took two months, and 120+ hours on FaceTime for Alisha and Amit!
It wasn’t really sparks and butterflies from the beginning. She ranted to him about her day, he sent a silly selfie to make her smile. He fell asleep early, she still checked her phone while watching TV. They never made a plan to meet up, maybe they were too afraid to spoil things.
Cut to her birthday.He called her to say that he would see her before her birthday is over. With 30 minutes left to midnight, there he was standing right in front of her with a cake, with the help of her sneaky flatmates. There was no awkwardness, only smiles all around, and they hugged like they always knew each other.
3. ‘’He thought I was someone else he was matched with, because of the same name’’
My friend signed me up on TrulyMadly as a laugh. I was single but not really looking for anyone. My now-boyfriend was probably the first match I had a conversation with. And after three of such conversations, he realized I’m the wrong Pooja he had intended to ping! Talk about bad luck. He apologized and took a rather offended me out for a coffee. I was still mad at him after the day but his honesty and charm was irresistible! We’re dating since 8 months and the other Pooja still remains my secret weapon during fights 😉
All names have been changed to protect privacy.
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