Mom’s The Word

Some mothers can make you think that Bollywood used them as inspiration. That’s how much drama they pack in each second of their lives. We’re not saying fathers don’t go over the top, but since most women are wary of their boyfriend’s moms, this one’s for the Maaa.
Here it is. Vent here! In our experience, these are the typical mom-reactions most Indian girls face when they meet the ‘first woman in his life’. Let us know if we’ve missed anything out 🙂
1. When she looks at you:
Jo mera beta chaahe. It’s okay.

2. When you talk about your job:

Par shaadi ke baad toh roti banayegi na?

3. When your boyfriend doesn’t finish his lunch:
Haan. Ab toh hotel mai hee khaayenge.

4. When she snatches the phone from you to speak to him:

5. When she sees you without ‘shringaar’:
Aao, kajal lagaana sikha doon

6. When she sees you with ‘shringaar’:

7. When you’re happy:
This is what she sees. Haye toofani ladki hai.

8. When you’re sad:
Haye thodi senti type ki hai.

9. How she expects you to act:

10.What you look like when you try that out:

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