Ready for India’s Coolest T-Shirt Design Contest?

Are you itching to see India wear your tee shirts?
Yes designers! We have a contest for you 🙂
TrulyMadly with, India’s coolest online tee store are challenging you to the UnSingle T-Shirt Design Contest.
What’s the Theme?
It’s UnSingle- simply meaning not to be single and meet like-minded peeps to date. All you have to do is take your artistic spin on it and create awesome tee-shirt designs for us. Easy, isn’t it?
Our 5 commandments

  1. Don’t be boring! Wow us with your quirkiest and sassiest designs.
  2. We love the words – “Unsingle” and “Boybrowsing”. Use them creatively in your piece of art 😉

e.g. Keep Calm & UnSingle or #BoyBrowsing mode on.
Relationship status: UnSingle or #BoyBrowsing in progress….
3.   Absolutely no love and mushy stuff (Delete hearts from your system).
4.   Words that are blacklisted:
“Swipe right or left”,  “Marriage” , “It’s a Match”, “Wooing”, “Happily Ever After”, “Special Someone”, “Soulmate”.

  1.  See the designs here and upload with #unsingle to participate:

What’s the prize?
Tada! It’s IPad mini 2 for the best design and 10 others get to win awesome movie vouchers. Super excited, aren’t you?
Where do I submit my designs?
Upload here after clicking on ‘Create Your Tee Store’ and use the hashtag #unsingle 
Contest ends: On 20th October 2015, so hurry, hurry up!
Who are the Judges?
Awesome team of TrulyMadly and FreeCultr will evaluate your designs. And trust us, we are the fairest people on planet Earth.

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