Psychology of Love – 5 Things You Need To Know About Each Other

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When two people come together they bring on table a lot of attraction, they ignite a spark with their looks and how they make the other person feel but what they forget is that everyone has certain characteristics, old stories, beliefs, emotions and certain patterns that accompany them and understanding even the general traits can lead to creating a harmonious, strong and thriving relationship that lasts longer and allows you to show up fully. Find below some of the common yet psychological threads that can help you understand him/her a little better-
Your woman will throw shit tests on you
Proposing her and saying “I Love You” once might get her in your life but if you want to sustain the companionship and keep her by your side forever then you might have to keep proving your love and desire to her every single day. That can be really de-motivating but that’s how we women work. We have our own sweet and bitter ways of getting our dose of reassurance. Be it from those tantrums, jealous looks or taunts; you will have to pass the shit tests every single time.
Your man needs respect and trust more than sex
Well, sex is an integral part and it drives most men but after a while if he is really into you; he would need your trust and respect more than anything else. He would appreciate if you could trust his decisions, rely on him and let him take you to the untraded paths. Just observe him with non-judgmental eyes.
Your man won’t take you in his cave
Men have caves, not literally. But you must have noticed that when he is silent; he is literally silent and lost. He won’t talk, communicate and would want you to leave him alone. It has nothing to do with you. He isn’t mad at you or thinking about anything; he just needs his own cave time. That’s his way of bouncing back to life.
Your woman wants you to be her Shiva
Shiva is the epitome of masculine energy; the one that’s powerful, brave, grounded, loving, and mysterious yet intriguing. Seeking a Shiva in you doesn’t make her any less. It’s just the way two energies come together. When the complete masculine energy is combined with feminine energy then the relationship is at its highest peak and two people can function at their best level to elevate the experience of life.
You two can make it work if you really want to; just have a common vision, communicate effectively and don’t lose your identity
Having a sense of self is very important in a relationship, don’t ever lose the sight of who you are and always keep your happiness as priority. A general picture of your life together can solve a lot of problems that might show up, so always communicate properly and effectively. Try to understand and not manipulate each other and you will definitely have a relationship that you can count on!
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