What Your Profile Picture Says About You

The internet is now everyone’s newspaper, social profile and professional calling card. Most of us ‘Google’  our date before meeting up, stalk exes on Facebook and tweet right after (or sometimes during) an exciting event. We judge people by what they choose to write about themselves and who their friends are, but more than anything else, it’s the profile picture that makes a statement.

So what does your picture say about you?

The Bathroom Selfie- You have a smartphone but you’re really not that smart when it comes to photo locations. Better luck next time!

The Selfie with Friends
–  You had a fun, slightly irresponsible outing 2 years back and can’t help but flaunt it even now.

The Pout Selfie– You think you look like Angelina Jolie. Well tried, but ‘galat jawab’.


The one with your pet- Trying to be adorable, aren’t we? You know no one can resist hitting Like when there’s a cutie involved. Clever.

The one with your BFF- A clear message to anyone else who may dare to claim him/her as their best friend. Mine. Just. Mine.

The one with your partner– You’re in love but look too cosy for our comfort.


The one from 2009– You looked like Kate Upton/ Ryan Gosling then. Now, you look like you have a cosmetic surgeon with a poor sense of humour.


The DSLR candid shot– Looking pensive. Deep in thought. Not sexy. Not “so sweet”.

The happy one– You probably look terrible but you’re smiling. We like that. 🙂

Which one are you? 🙂

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