Pre-travel jitters! Read this excerpt from The Lonely Hearts Travel Club : Destination India

Katy Colins is back with her take on the adventures of a solo female traveler! This time, her book The Lonely Hearts Travel Club : Destination India is set in the country and we’ve got sneak peaks for you. 
We’d overslept. I must have cancelled the three alarms I’d set on my phone as the sound of the pre-booked taxi impatiently beeping its horn woke me with a start. ‘Shit! Shell, get up; we are really fucking late!’ I jumped from my bed and flung on some clothes before hopping into my shoes. ‘What?! Ah man,’ Shelley cried, tumbling from the sofa to her unsteady feet. After the bust-up with Marie we’d stayed in the pub until closing time, nursing a bottle of wine as I’d resolved that this trip would be the solution to all my problems. I’d be like Trisha and come back a changed woman.
That plan had seemed possible at eleven o’clock last night but wasn’t going quite so well this morning. My small flat turned into a hive of activity as I raced from room to room chucking last-minute bits and bobs into my bag. I triple checked I’d turned off the heating, locked the windows and hadn’t left the oven on. Not that I could even remember the last time I’d used it but you never could be too careful. ‘We have to go; this taxi fella’s not happy,’ Shelley called from the front door as I did a final scan that I’d unplugged everything. ‘Georgia, come on!’
‘Coming!’ I called back, lugging my backpack onto my back. I had to admit that it did feel nice having it back on. In the taxi to the airport, driven by the world’s most pissed-off driver, my empty stomach fizzed with anticipation and excitement.
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