Lay All Your Love on Me

Hello, world! You may think that you don’t know me, but you do. I’m the one who has been clouding your newsfeed with updates through the TrulyMadly social channels for the last 7 months. This post is my first hello and final goodbye.

To adequately describe my relationship with TrulyMadly, I’d have to quote my favourite song and say, “It was like shooting a sitting duck. A little small talk, a smile and baby I was stuck.” 

If you’re thinking, “I’ve had a few little love affairs. They didn’t last very long and they’ve been pretty scarce”, it’s probably not your fault. We’ve all been there.

What an amazing brand borne out of a surprisingly honest motivation. Helping people find love. People have been doing it for years and somewhere down the line, it became hierarchical and almost suffocating. Social norms stopped people from expressing their bare emotions without fear and the ‘elders’ became the supreme monarchs of the kingdom of love. Then came the commercialisation. It’s a miracle that we have survived it and continue to love! All TrulyMadly aims to do is enter the system and slowly chisel a path out for young lovers who are tired of restraining their circle to friends of friends.

It’s sheer brilliance.

In a country full of matrimonial bureaus trying to be cool by coming online, people my age used to be hard pressed for choice if they just wanted to date! ‘Cos if you sign up on a portal, you’re obviously looking for ‘forever’. Whatever happened to just letting love take over without excessive plans?

Thank God for TrulyMadly is all I’ll say 🙂 It’s not an app that’ll let you browse through ‘hot pics’. It’s not an app where married men come for a one night stand. It’s just an app for people who are serious about finding love and keeping it.

I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with the three men behind this fabulous concept and I can personally vouch for their commitment to the cause! If you think they’re boring old cronies behind MacBooks just because of their extensive background in the fields of technology and marketing, you have another think coming. They’re seriously the coolest men I know and i’m definitely going to stay in touch with them. Not one of our ideas was ever dismissed as ‘unpractical’. We worked together on the same side of the table instead of clashing noisily like warriors in ancient Greece.

If something didn’t work, we took it in our stride together just like any good team would. I don’t know anyone else who was gifted music for her birthday by the team even before most of her friends picked up the phone to wish her! Let me just say that you really need to love what you’re working on if you’re going to be okay with having a call on Independence Day.

It’s been a whirlwind. I have many friends who work in social media and advertising, and it’s safe to say that they’re all equally envious of my luck as far as bagging the nicest team goes. Sachin, Rahul and Hitesh have been super troupers. I’ll miss TrulyMadly to bits.

Truly and a little madly,
Shirin Rai Gupta
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