Introducing Spark: The New Way To Like

You see someone for the first time. You’re drawn towards them. You don’t know how to approach them. Or maybe you’re unsure if they want to approach you.
All that is about to change now! Your boybrowsing experience just got a lot more exciting! Now you’ll get that extra bit of attention from guys who really are interested in you. We’ve given guys the chance to send a Spark to show you that you’re really special and you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Express your interest back by accepting a Spark and it’s a mutual match!

Vipin just Sparked you! Aww! That’s sweet. Send him a reply!
Screenshot_20160909-165129 Screenshot_20160909-165135
There! Start chatting!
 Screenshot_20160909-165141  Screenshot_20160909-165150

We discovered that users are 5 times more likely to get more like backs from someone they Spark. Conversations are proven to last longer once initiated through a Spark.

This can be you!

What’s more, he gets the chance to show you his wit and charm with a personalized message to his Spark! Don’t judge too hard though 😉
If you feel like making the first move, go ahead, send a Spark and show the guy you’re really interested in them!
Get Sparking now! 

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