Infusing Spirituality in Your Relationships: Spiritual Love

Infusing Spirituality in Your Relationships: Spiritual Love

Ruchika Batra is a Holistic Lifestyle Blogger passionate about Wellness, Organic Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Health + Fitness, Spirituality, Dating Advice & Self-help.

Ruchika Batra is a Holistic Lifestyle Blogger passionate about Wellness, Organic Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Health + Fitness, Spirituality, Dating Advice & Self-help. She is a Mass Media professional by degree and an explorer of life by choice.

She loves mindful conversations with red wine and shares various tips, tools, resources on consciously choosing a happier and healthier lifestyle on her website. 

After a while, when all those overwhelming chemical reactions of love, connect with someone, and attraction starts fading away, we think to ourselves, what are we missing?

When break-up and patch-up is hard work, and everything around looks stagnant and miserable, we begin to question our choices. It could be whether you’re both compatible or one should seek spiritual relationships with spiritual partners? Well, for that, Ruchika is writing this blog. 

It happens in every relationship, and we can stop ourselves from reaching that stage or ignite a spark to keep the companionship awesome and vibrant. 

If we can infuse spirituality into our connections, we can create a long-lasting and loving partnership of mutual growth and admiration. Having a spiritual lover can help in personal anchoring development, enhance the experience of life, and help transform us into wiser and compassionate people.

Spirituality is not the standard woo-woo term that requires you always to pray together and live a sage life, but it’s more about mindfully weaving and evolving in the relationship and accepting each other’s journey of life.  

Here are a few dating tips for men/women and tools you can implement to commit to helping each other and show up in your companionship differently.  

How to connect spiritually with your partner

Practice Forgiveness– Forgiveness is a process of freeing yourself from past wounds and negative stories that are replaying in your head again and again. It’s a beautiful gift you can give to yourself.

dating tips for men

Look at how you are still projecting your old relationship patterns on your current partner, look at how you are still afraid of what happened back then, and you are stuck in that memory. Forgive everyone who has hurt you, learn your lessons, and begin a new chapter right now.

Give closure to your old relationships and attachments to start afresh. You don’t have to tell them that you have forgiven them for their mistakes, do it in your heart and let it all go. A soulmate spiritual connection will help you with the art of letting go!

Be what you want your partner to be– Most of the time, relationships suffer because of the immense expectations we have from each other, and we fail to either communicate them properly or we think that the other person isn’t willing to do anything for us.

When you commit to infusing spirituality in your relationship via a spiritual lover, you show up exactly as YOU want your partner to be. If you want your partner to be loving, you have to become more loving; if you want your partner to be financially stable, you have to ensure you are working hard to secure that and if you want support from your partner to support yourself.

You have to be the mirror for your relationship and you will see how beautifully it will change everything for you. Be complete in yourself and you will notice the completion in your partner. 

How to build a spiritual connection with your partner? Be grateful– A spiritual relationship will guide you to be grateful. Gratitude is medicine, and it has been scientifically proven that if we practice gratitude regularly, we become happier and healthier.

Gratitude is all about counting your blessings, being thankful for whatever you have, and appreciating every aspect of life. When you become grateful for your partner, you allow more love to flourish between both of you instead of finding faults and blaming each other for all the wrong reasons.

The old way of practicing gratitude is keeping a journal and writing five things you are thankful for daily, but recently, I discovered a very interesting tool called “Gratitude Walks,” in which you can walk with your partner and share all the beautiful things about him/her and your life.

You can also initiate to be grateful for the visions you see together and look forward to creating your dream life together. 

I hope you help each other evolve and become the best possible version of yourself!

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