If DDLJ Happened On TrulyMadly

There are two kinds of people in the world: ones who have watched DDLJ and loved it, and ones who have been coerced into watching DDLJ and were forced to love it.
Celebrating 20 years of DDLJ got us thinking…what if the epic love story happened on TrulyMadly?

  1. When Babuji gave the nod to boybrowse #CoolestDadEver
  2. Simran just had to PALAT on Raj’s profile.
  3. When Raj found out Simran was lying her pants off.
  4. When Simran fell for the classic hard-to-get game. Well played, Raj!
  5. Raj was sure AF she would come back to him #LoveWins
  6. And that’s how Raj and Simran UnSingled!

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