How To Decode The Person You Are On A Date With

If someone claims to know a person just by a single glance at them, it’s a talent indeed. But of course, that’s far fetched. You can’t really know a person just by a look. After all, looks can be deceiving, haven’t you heard? It is in fact said, that it takes years to truly know a person. Although that’s not entirely true either.
You don’t need to be a psychic to know a person nor do you need to stay with them for years at end just so you can get to know them well. If you know what to look for and the right questions to ask yourself when on a date with them, you are sure to know them better maybe even very well in just the first few dates.
Knowing someone you are on a date with is definitely a must. It is what tells you if you are compatible with them or not. It makes things less confusing and enables you to sort out what to expect from your date and your relationship with them if you eventually get into one.  The ability to know someone lets you gauge a person better so that you know if they are even worth your time and effort or are you just whiling away your precious time when you could be spending that in finding the right person for yourself or just soaking in the hot tub and sipping lemonade.
However, it’s not that easy either. Everyone tries to be at their best on a date, besides you can’t and shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The stakes are that you’ll either be too impressed by all the paid reviews printed on its back cover or become too reluctant to give it a go, powered by the unimaginative and dull cover illustration.
So, how is it then you know someone? The key is to look out for some sure give-aways and ask yourself the right questions to get all the right answers and understand them well. So, long matter short, here is all that you need to ask yourself.
How has your date dressed?
A rather shallow start but that’s the first thing you notice, don’t you? After all, we are visual beings. So, see if your date has put in enough effort to dress for the occasion or have they rushed through to barely fit dressing-up in the last couple of minute to the date. This will tell you just how serious and respectful are they of you and this date. Secondly, it will give you an insight on their general lifestyle, if they are dressed in grunge and have unkempt hair or if they are too fashionable almost red carpet level. Also, see if it matches your taste or not, since if and when you get in a relationship, it is going to be this very person whose hand you’ll be holding while strolling in the mall. So, if you are feeling your eyes getting sore looking at their flashy fluorescent pink or green clothes, chances are you won’t like to be seen with them in the future either.
What’s your date’s attitude like?
Attitude is what matters the most. See if their smile is genuine and if they mean that compliment. However if they churn out those rehearsed lines, that’s because they don’t want to spoil the date. So, don’t cut the points there (instead pretend you are actually that princess that they just addressed bask in the imposed glory). See how they present themselves. Are they calm and composed or are they fidgeting nervously? They could have a pleasing and confident personality or they could be truly funny and upbeat. Whatever it may be, observe and analyse them for they should be your preference. But don’t be too judgemental right from the beginning because just like you may be, so would your date be nervous to get this dating game right. So, give them some time to be comfortable before you don your Sherlock avataar.
Is your date’s focus you?
When you went on the date it is to know that person who could be your future someone. In that case, it’s but obvious that you concentrate your focus and energy on your date alone. It shows your interest, respect and most importantly the fascination of knowing your date. So, if your date seems more interested in the frescoed ceiling or their cell phone, know that they are either not single at all, they are not ready to stop keeping their options open or your charm is already wearing off.
What does your date do?
It seems like a very trivial question to ask your date but this is actually quite important. If the work and lifestyle associated with it does not match yours by yards then it is highly unlikely you will be able to have a happy and long term relationship. If your date requires to travel a lot for their marketing job while you are geek who sits all day at your system typing, you should know they would hardly be able to find time for romance with you. Besides, your hobbies, leisure activities and interests would also differ by ten folds. Another thing to keep in mind is how do they feel about their job. Are they happy or do they feel stuck up? The person who feels their job is rewarding, okay let’s not exaggerate that much, their job is fine and comfortable can only be mentally and emotionally happy too.
How do you feel about the date?
What’s going on in your head is of utmost priority. Do you feel like you can’t wait for your chocolate mousse to finish so you can leave already or do you feel like it may not finish at all, at least not so soon? If your date makes you laugh and you are happy, then it’s definitely a good omen. You can expect some positive chemistry between you two in the future dates to come!
Trust your gut instinct.
Your brain may do the maths but your instinct though totally illogical and unexplainable, is somehow always right. Though of course you hardly give in to this divine intervention and try to put two and two together until you are left feeling you should have listened to this little buddy’s voice. So, if your instinct tells you it’s not working out with your date,  listen to it!
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