How To Be Irresistibly Attractive In Two Minutes?

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New Delhi 16/07/2015 Smart life--Wellness bloggers.Location Courtsey. Desi Roots, Bar and Cafe, Saket. Ruchika Batra Photo by Aayush Goel
New Delhi
Smart life–Wellness bloggers.Location Courtsey. Desi Roots, Bar and Cafe, Saket.
Ruchika Batra
Photo by Aayush Goel

Someone rightly said “Attraction isn’t a choice” but you do have the choice to present yourself in a way that can help build the chemistry and gather attention of the other person. The quickest way to get someone melt in your presence is by portraying a certain type of body language because that’s what gets the eyeballs to stick around and creates the first impression. Body language constitutes more than 55% of your communication. Hence, learning and mastering a few tricks on how you show up for yourself can completely change people’s perspectives. Here are some tips that you can implement in two minutes –
Plant yourself while standing – When you are standing on the ground; plant your feet and toes in such a way that you feel the surge of energy coming up. It will make you look balanced, stable and the weight of your body will be proportionately distributed.
Relaxed & Confident Shoulders – Slouching shoulders are a sign of low confidence and never make a good impression. Intentionally get your shoulders to relax and pull them back with your neck at ease. Don’t be stiff with your face!
Playing with your hands – Do not cross your arms while you are talking to someone because that’s a part of the closed body language. It means that you are either not interested or not open to what the other person wants to say. Boys can have their hands on the sides and girls can touch their collarbone slightly or play with hair to appear more attractive and desirable. Just don’t do too much!
Perfect eye-contact – Eye contact is super important while you are on a date or in any kind of important setup. A person who looks into the eyes of the other person is confident, comfortable and knows his/her world inside-out.
Stay Comfortable – Having a comfortable stance is essential, when you are trying to portray a certain body language; you might end up doing too much and it may look false. So, it’s important you keep your cool and stay comfortable in your skin without pretense.
Smile – A face with a big hearted smile is always attractive than a face with a frown or tired expressions. Your smile can reach the other person’s heart, so make sure to smile genuinely and candidly.
Body language is a massive subject with tools and tips that can help you walk into a room and make heads turn but it’s also important that you understand that you need to be authentic and express yourself as who you are to create long lasting relationships and bonds! And always remember that people may forget how you looked but they will never forget how you made them feel. So, make sure you make your date feel real special, happy and comfortable!
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