Hey! Who is he?!

Hello hello! If you’re a regular on our Facebook page, you may have spotted a cute guy with a slight stubble beating eggs in a kitchen just casually chilling on our wall. So we’re going to be good hosts and introduce you to our newest friend!

Name: The TrulyMadlyMan
Age: Whatever you want it to be 😉
Hobbies: Learning how to be the perfect man and you know, just being awesome.
Interests: Making breakfast in bed for his leading lady (He’s looking for one, by the way!) Traveling (Loves to trek!). Reading. Playing the harmonica.

So why have we decided to bombard your newsfeed with details about this man? 

He’s our mascot! He’s that perfect man every woman wants. Fine, maybe he looks young. But that’s just because he’s so pretty! Haha.

All we want you to do is tell us which quality you like and tag male friends who have those as well.

Ladies, this is your chance to Like attractive attributes and ‘subtly’ tell all the men on our page what women want. Help us make the dating pool a little cooler 🙂

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