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teddy day wishes

Happy Teddy Day Wishes Quotes: Wish With Love!

The much-awaited love festival is just around the corner. All the couples will be jam-packed for a week preparing for a million ways of expressing their love for their special someone. From kiss, hug, propose, rose, chocolates, to even teddies, no element of love will remain uncelebrated in this short-span. Teddies are not just soft toys but a token of love on this special day!

It is not always about buying a material-present, but sometimes a couple of words wrapped with love and emotions are enough to captivate the person for life. Therefore, this teddy day, send across some cute happy teddy day wishes and bring a smile to your partner’s face.

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With TrulyMadly at your rescue, everything is under your finger-tips. You just have to filter it out.

So to add to your celebration, Truly Madly experts are here to add that zing in your festival vibes with some amazing teddy day wishes and teddy day messages that will splatter the magic in your love life.

Here’s a brief but unique list of quotes and messages for you!

Do you know why teddy bears don’t have a heart? Because one dedicated organ wouldn’t be able to fill all the love they have. This teddy day, I am all ready to convert myself into a big, giant teddy filled with your love. Happy Teddy Day, Gorgeous!

Your girl is going to blush for the rest of the day!

For the days I am not there to comfort you and cuddle with you, I am sending you my replica wrapped in fur to become your cuddling buddy. I Wish You the Happiest Teddy Day Love!

Now she is ready to love someone more than you. It’s the Teddy you have sent her with so much love!

Let people address you as a chubby chick. For me, you will always be the cutest teddy bear in the world. Happy Teddy Day!

This could be one of the best happy teddy day wishes quotes to let her know how much you adore her beautiful soul rather than her body!

Just like that constant smile on a teddy bear’s face, I always want you to keep smiling. I promise you a life full of happiness this teddy day. Happy Teddy Day, Baby!

No gift can suffice the happiness of a promise made with all the pure intentions.

If given a chance, I am ready to convert myself into a Teddy today. I know how crazy you are about these little soft toys. Happy Teddy Day to the person who is the reason for my happiness!

Every word of this message is filled with love and care that will reach directly to her heart!

Who said teddies aren’t real… I mean just look at you!! You are the most adorable Teddy, my love! Happy Teddy Day!

This quote might sound a bit cliche, but it goes perfectly with the day’s theme!

You are my shoulder to cry upon like earlier I had my Teddy. Happy Teddy Day! – Unknown

For your partner, who is your pillar of strength and your biggest support, here’s one of the best happy teddy day wishes quotes to send.

Want a hug? Come to me. Want to cry? Come to me. Want to talk? Come to me. Want to cuddle? Come to me. Want to punch? Come to me. In short, your living teddy bear is ready to give you all! Happy Teddy Day, Future Wifey!

She is the luckiest to have a human version of Teddy! (LOL)

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Every day is a teddy day when I am with you, but yet it’s worth celebrating, and the reason is you! – Unknown

Because, why not! It’s Teddy Day, after all.

Even if the sun refuses to shine, the words refuse to rhyme… You will always be my Valentine. Love you sweetheart… Happy Teddy Day! – Unknown

Wait for the cutest reply from your partner after sending him/her this quote on the fourth day of the love week.

Hey Boyfriend! Do you know that one thing that makes you and my Teddy the same? You both remain quiet when I yell! Further Adding, I AM SORRY!

A melange of wish and apology, this is a must-try this teddy day! We are sure he will like the uniqueness.

Surely there is nothing as good as getting a hug either from my favorite teddy bear or from my loveliest boyfriend. Happy Teddy Day! – Unknown

Lovely teddy day messages are all your partner needs to start the day with!

My favorite Teddy is soft and warm like you. Happy Teddy Day, My Sugar Bear!

Your partner must be waiting for a text like this from your side on this special day!

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With these lovely happy teddy day wishes quotes, messages, and texts, make your emotions reach your partner’s heart. You can even plan some surprises for the day to make your partner feel extra special.

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