Best Chocolate Day Wishes and Messages You Should Know!

chocolate day valentine week

Chocolate Day Valentine Week Wish And Messages: Sweetest Day Of The Love Festival With Little Adorable Notes!

“Nice Memories are like chocolates: you can’t survive on them alone as they aren’t very filling, but they make life sweeter”- Janine Weger.

In the week of love, the third day is reserved for delicacies of sweetness. After a grand proposal with roses, certainly, a bar of chocolate is the next step. Your partner won’t mind a sweet little gift with chocolates but the day is all about verbalizing your emotions through sweet chocolate day messages. A chocolate day wish swaddled with love and adoration to your loved ones and especially to the love of your life is something the chocolate day valentine week should be unfolded with. So, elevate the charm of your love life on the 9th of February and let the sweetness take over the bitterness of your relationship.

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Now, if you are wondering how to make the day extra special, read through and get some amazing ideas for the day!

Best Chocolate Day Wishes for 2021

chocolate day wish

Let the first message in the morning on your partner’s phone be the sweetest chocolate day wish from your side. From the list below, choose any or all and let the smile on your partner’s face fill your day with all the sunshine! 

  1. Here I wish the sweetest person in the world, even more than chocolates, A Happy Chocolate Day! Thank you for melting my heart every day with your care as chocolates melt on ice-creams.
  2. On this chocolate day, I want to make a promise of loving you like kids love chocolates for the rest of my life. Happy Chocolate Day! 
  3. I wish our relationship stays as smooth and buttery as chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day!
  4. Love you, my hot chocolate. Happy Chocolate Day!
  5. On this chocolate day, I am sure you won’t mind dipping yourself in my passionate love. Happy Chocolate Day to the person I cannot imagine my life without! 
  6. Do you know what the true symbol of love is? Chocolates! Full of sweetness and unmeasurable love. Happy Chocolate Day! 
  7. Finally, the secret to your awesomeness is out! There’s no blood but chocolates flowing in your veins. On this chocolate day, I wish for both of us a life full of sweetness and minus bitterness. Happy Chocolate Day Love! 
  8. Just like how the chocolate day is incomplete without chocolates, my life is incomplete without you. Happy Chocolate Day to the person I want by my side every day! 
  9. What about me packed in a chocolate box at your doorstep today! Happy chocolate to the crazy partner anyone could have! 
  10. It’s my favorite day of the entire love festival. You know why? Because I have a human version of chocolate I can bet nobody in this world has. So cheers to the victory and Happy Chocolate day to us!
  11. You are not my chewing gum, it only tastes in the beginning, and the rest is tasteless. You are my chocolate, the sweetness remains in the mouth and also in the heart forever. Happy Chocolate Day for the bond and love we share! 
  12. On this chocolate day, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and taste of all the flavors of chocolate in this world in your mouth—a happy Chocolate day to the one who can drown in chocolates. (For your girlfriend who loves chocolate way too much, this is one of the most appropriate valentine week chocolate day wishes for her). 
  13. Many could capture my eyes, but you captured my soul and heart. Happy Chocolate Day to the one I won’t mind ruining with a chocolate every day for the rest of my life! 
  14. I am sending a virtual chocolate bouquet to the one who deserves every ounce of my love. On this very special day, I want to make a promise of a lifetime of togetherness with you. Happy Chocolate Day! 
  15. An extraordinary mishmash of your sweetness like chocolates and my piquancy like a pickle is a mocktail I enjoy every day! Thank you for everything. Happy Chocolate Day to us! 
  16. With the dream of owning a chocolate mall for my love, here’s your chocolaty boy wishing you a very happy and sweetest chocolate day! 
  17. Chocolates will turn you into a teddy so fat, but I can never see you sad. So eat as many chocolates as you want today because I know this is what makes you happy. Sending you a goodie soon! Happy Chocolate Day, Sweetheart!
  18. I was searching for the sweetest chocolate on the earth, but nothing could suffice the sweetness you splatter on our relationship. Happy Chocolate Day, Baby!
  19. It took me YOU to realize that chocolates can also stand 5 feet 4 inches tall. Happy Chocolate Day, Lover Boy! 
  20. Last but not least, one of the sweetest chocolate day valentine week wishes/messages would be, HAPPY CHOCOLATE DAY, LOVE!

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This chocolate day, enhance the mood of your partner by simply leaving a cute, sweet chocolate day wish for them.

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