And It Happened Online!



I’ve had five and a half breakups. The last one was mutual of course. I am telling you this so you know that I have enough reason to be skeptical about love.

Last I saw a ‘nearly eligible bachelor’ was in Hauz Khas Village. I think he spotted me too. After much staring, he came up to me. He mumbled under his breath or sounded like that with his heart in his mouth. He was clearly nervous. And did a good job of passing it on to me as well. Both of us stood nervous and awkward. Thankfully my friend showed up just in time and rescued me.

It’s awkward meeting people, unless you have a common friend or know people from before. It’s worse if you are meeting someone for the first time on a date.

When I registered on TrulyMadly, I was as skeptical as ever. I mean meeting people online, like offline wasn’t bad enough. They made an app for that!

 A few relationships fizzled out before I met Baba Gyan Dev. He didn’t care to woo me or tell me how pretty I was. On the contrary, we fought within five minutes of the first ever conversation. He argued about some ad he has seen on TV. I, owing my allegiance to my advertising career, defended the ad with all my wit. That’s how we got talking.

Finally we decided to meet. I was nervous, even more so when I spotted him. He was taller than I thought. There was a sense of familiarity. He laughed at my jokes, got all the puns I intended. This time he complimented me too.

It’s been five and half months in to this relationship. And we still fight about how shitty advertising is. But it’s fun. It’s steady. And it happened online!

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