13 Habits of a Die-hard Foodie Boyfriend

foodie man

Dating a foodie means your dates will be around food and nothing else. They love food more than anything else in this whole world.

Food is the first priority for them and they are too passionate about food. It is tough being around a foodie all the time.

And if the foodie in question is your boyfriend, God helps you. So we have come up with a list of a die hard foodie boyfriends that you might have to struggle with.

  • When you are dating a foodie, you find him eating something every time you call him.

foodie-beau-1Image source/ Yash Raj Films

  • 2. No matter what you talk about, he always diverts it to the topic of some good mouth-watering food. Nothing fascinates a foodie guy more than food. So knowingly or unknowingly he will end up with a food topic.

foodie-beau-2Image source/ Eros International

  • Even when you are discussing your life together in the future, he always takes it to the point where it would be raining and … and you, making garam garam pakode for him.

And you thought rain means romance! LOL- Be ready for this too when it comes to dating a foodie guy. 

unfortunate-14Image source/ Eros International

  • He knows all the eating joints and restaurants in town. A foodie man has his bucket list of some amazing places where he wants to eat before he dies.

Bread pakode ki kasam
foodie-beau-4Image source/ Yash Raj Films

  • We bet you are never going to eat in the same restaurant twice when you are dating a foodie. Foodies believe in tasting different dishes so be prepared.

foodie-beau-5Image source/ Yash Raj Films

  • Neither does he have a fixed menu to order. He likes to taste anything and everything.

foodie-beau-6Image source/ Yash Raj Films

  • He gets lost in his own savoury world once the food arrives. Oh you definitely can’t discuss anything important and not even funny because he can’t focus on anything but food at this moment.

foodie-beau-7Image source/ Yash Raj Films

  • A foodie can eat a whole large pizza or a full king size KGF bucket himself and can still have a room for dessert too.

engineer-8Image source

  • Your foodie boyfriend is so passionate about food. For him, food is everything and it should look amazing and tempting. When you are on a date with a foodie, you better not take any meal for granted.

foodie-beau-9Image source/ Yash Raj Films

  • When you are dating a foodie, you possibly end up gaining weight. Because all your dates are food centered.

foodie-beau-10Image source

  • Dating a foodie can give you a hard time. Because all he wants is that you learn every damn recipe possible in this world and give him a treat every day with a new dish.

Yeah right.
foodie-beau-11Image source/ SLB Films

  • When you are with a foodie man you don’t need to worry about the food menu. He is probably ready with a menu for every day or every occasion.

And on Monday…..mm….
eating-speechlessImage source/ Yash Raj Films

  • And the last but also the surest of all signs.. you often get nightmares, picturing yourself dicing, chopping, cooking and backing in the kitchen when the days pass by endlessly!! OMG!!

foodie-beau-13Image source/ SLB Films

Share your experience with us if you have been with a foodie. Comment below.

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