Top 10 Gifts You Can Buy for him

gifts for him

How many times have you felt trepidation at the thought of buying a gift for the man of your dreams? As easy as is picking up a precious something for your girlfriends, equally mind-nibbling is the process of thinking of gifts for him. But, okay, the sweethearts we are, we toiled and toiled and toiled, to arrive at the following supercool list of gifts for you to give, ahem, him.
1.     Beer Mugs

beer mugs gifts

A man likes his drink. What better than to get over the run-of-the-mill coffee mugs and present him with alcohol holders for a change? Go buy all the quirky ones.
(Try Happily Unmarried)
2.     Instant Coffee Maker

coffee maker gift for him

So he loves coffee but lives in conditions which do not permit a functioning kitchen? Or probably, his cooking skills are rated negative. A coffee maker is your answer, found across coffee shops in your city.
(Try CCD outlets or buy online from Flipkart/Amazon)
3.     Fancy Coasters

 Coasters gifts

Not stereotyping or anything, but men are not known to be the most neatness friendly creatures. Rid him off the coffee stains on his desk, floors, bedsheets and elsewhere. This one would be a gift with a message!
(Try Chumbak or Happily Unmarried)
4.     Posters of his favourite boy-band

the beatles abbey road poster gift

No occasion, but still that loving heart inside you yearns to carry along a little something for him? Well, pick these up from the next shop and be happy for having added his-kind-of décor to his living space.
(Streetside stalls work best but you can buy online from the awesome guys at Postergully)
5.     Scarves
For girls, you say? Oh, open your eyes dearies. Men are flaunting them these days with western as well as ethnic wears. And they come in all pretty hues of silk. Tie of yesterday, silk scarves of today.
(Our suggestion is V Renaissance – luxury unleashed)
6.     Laptop Bags
laptop bags happily unmarried
Available in extremely rich variety for men as well, yes. So find one for him to carefully carry his beloved gadgets in, and assure his gratitude for a year (or more) to come.
(Again, try Chumbak or Happily Unmarried)
7.     Luxury Pens
 pen mont blanc gifts for him
If you’ve to pick out of the traditional variety, pens are your safe bet. Silver, black, golden and sleek – they’ll be his piece of pride if he likes to carry one to his office.
(Flipkart has a nice collection)
8.     Books

8 Books 2

You think you’re the only one to read? Men read, and enthusiastically so. Find out his preferred genres, use Google uncle to do your research, order the book, or if you’re the one who sniffs books before buying them, head straight to the next book shop. (Buy one for yourself too, just in case)
9.     T-Shirts
9 t shirt tantra
Oh no, not those usual quirky kinds, but the unusual quirky kinds. You can get them hand-painted, or custom made to assert what your man stands for. Give him a piece of his persona, which he can also wear.
(Try 1469, WYO, Tantra or flea markets!)
10.  Yourself
indian couple
We mean it absolutely in the non *wink wink* way. Been too busy over past some weeks and not able to give your togetherness time? Well, the best gift could be to just make adjustments in your schedule and share some lazy-crazy moments together. This gift perhaps works best!
(You would know this best)

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