Funny Phobias That Can Ruin Your Date

fear of dating phobia

Before we begin with the actual dating fears that many people have, here are some of the other types of fears that may be indirectly linked to dating.

And no, we did not make these up! You can Google for the generalized and unrelatable meaning of the phobia of dating as mentioned below.


Let’s say all is going well on your date, not even a nano pause in the Aww’s and Hahaha’s, but out of the blue, your date turns into a weeping Bahu from a 5 pm soap Opera? That’s exactly what is Nomophobia, another type of fear of dating phobia.


You may scratch your head over who may have died; well, it’s their phone actually! Nomophobia is an intense fear of losing contact with one’s phone, and many of us have it.  (Now, you know what to carry!)

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Fancy dinner, a waiter comes in to take your order, turns to your date, but just the act of deciding actually makes them sick in the stomach? It’s quite possible they have decidophobia or the irrational fear of making decisions.  Make it easy by playing a quick game of Eenie Meenie Miney Mo!


Gulzar genes? If you believe the highway to anyone’s heart is with the Abracadabra of your words, make sure you take permission from your date before you begin your Verse 1. Metrophobia or the fear of poetry and scares the hell out of them. It’s one of the worst kinds of dating fears.


Stick to flying kisses if your date warns you – ‘No kissing.’  Peeps with Philemaphobia hate kissing or the idea of it. Let’s not kid about this.


Candlelight dinner under the stars, a full moon also makes a special appearance. But your date exits the scene? That’s what Selenophobia is.

Some people are petrified of the big fat Chanda Mama and the fear is called Selenophobia.

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You may want to keep it cool with shorts or a pretty skirt on a hot summer day. But if your date starts running away from you like the dude in temple run, the sight of your knees may have sent them into full-blown panic mode!


Few drinks down, DJ calls everyone to shake a leg- you pull your date and jump on the dance floor but to see them jumping out of fear? It could be due to a bout of Chorophobia or the fear of dancing. Oops! Sometimes, two left feet don’t make a right.


Now that you know some funny phobias that can ruin a date, why don’t you tell us yours? ?

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