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understanding men

After the success of #FranklyHer, we got a lot of messages from enthusiastic guys who wanted us to uncover their hidden secrets of understanding Men. Previously, the TrulyMadly team discovered plenty of things that men don’t know about women

So, we took up the challenge of wading into the murky waters inside a man’s head- understanding boys

Let Know How to Understand a Man……

#1 You learn bargaining skills from her


One of the things that you really love about her is that she is bargaining to ensure that you both can spend the saved money on things that bring you closer.

#2 You enjoy things just like she does


No matter what, you are always going to do the things that she would love. And if she does the same for you, you’re going to love that too.

#3 She makes awesome food and experiments as well


Experiments could be either a disaster or a good memory. And if she’s a gluttony person, you’re going to love what she makes, because she knows about her food.

#4 Adrenaline rush when she makes spontaneous plans


It’s such a delight that she makes so many plans with you, and most of them are spontaneous. Whether it is a simple tea meet in the evening or a late night out.

#5 If you’re a good listener, you’d like it


For the guys with high tolerance to listen to their girlfriends rant, you’re doing a great job.

#6 Having an understanding girl would be a completely mesmerizing affair


Let’s agree on one thing. Couples have their own share of problems and that’s what brings them closer together.

#7 She texts you goodnight and sleeps


Who doesn’t want to feel special? And if you are the one who she is texting the last before she goes to bed, then you should really feel good.

#8 Hip Hop lovers want a partner who takes care of the rap part


It could be either Indies or mainstream rap by rappers like Raftaar or Divine. If you are learning to rap for your boyfriend, it would mean a lot for him.

#9 High maintenance


Guys who are struggling with finances know how much they keep themselves back from asking girls who are out of their league.

#10 Stalker alert!

It’s a different feeling when you find that someone went to your profile and commented on a picture from years ago.

#11 Isharon Pe Nachna!


Couples that dance together, stay together. 

#12 You love your bond because you can be you!


One of the most common problems faced by couples is that after they’ve come together, they suddenly feel that they’re being caged because they’re no longer the same person anymore.

#13 Guys also love teddy bear hugs


Who doesn’t love teddy bear hugs. Well, at times, even a lot of guys love to have teddy bear hugs.

#14 You can talk to your partner without worrying about language


It’s a different feeling when you can share your feelings without worrying about having to take care of grammar.

#15 Her anger does mean something


Her anger at you could be a little comforting because she would care for you, that’s why she’s angry at you.

#16 A sarcastic girl could make your dull moments interesting


A girl who roasts you will ensure you go through hours of holding your stomach because of so many witty lines she says to you.

#17 You’re accepted, however you are


Isn’t it something really beautiful that you have been accepted by your partner, no matter how much weight you put on.

#18 A support system can never be appreciated enough


No matter what, if you have a partner who is your reason to work hard, you’re blessed. And a serious guy will appreciate this.

#19 Your handbag will be his escape in almost all situations


It’d be a completely different experience if you both are together and he hurts himself. The next moment you hand out first aid to your partner, and boom. The look in his eyes will be worth noticing.

#20 Grooming isn’t an issue for your partner


Although, grooming should be done so you don’t struggle with any kind of health problems.

#21 A confident person is someone you’ll always look up to


Everybody wants a confident person, and the same goes with boys. They love when their girlfriends sometimes take the lead and handle situations all by themselves. 

Understanding a Virgo man

Remember, a Virgo man is always studying you. They are the most observant men you’ll come across. They love to be in an honest relationship and they wish for a girl who’s honest.

Understanding Aquarius man

They are very compassionate and skillful boys. They love to be themselves and do not like to be bothered much. They are boys who are known to enjoy peace and calmness. 

Understanding Scorpio man

Loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, and dynamic are some of the traits that define a Scorpio man. Being jealous, unyielding, manipulative, suspicious, and obsessive are some of the weaknesses you can spot. 

Understanding a Pisces man

A Pisces man can become a bit needy sometimes. You got to pamper him like you’d love to be pampered. 

We hope this guide on understanding Men helped. If it did, please let us know below!

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