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The last few years have seen a whole lot of new restaurants, 5 star cafes and bistros popping up across Delhi- NCR, so it’s safe to say that we’re quite spoilt for choice. Luxuries don’t come without their own little problems, and local foodies usually find themselves lost in the maze of the new and the old, considering how the food review system in India has commoditised itself.
Enter, Food Talk India.
Food Talk India prides itself on identifying and nurturing the gastronome within it’s secret community by opening the floor up to clean, straight-from-the-plate reviews of food around town. Members write in on Facebook and their questions are answered by members themselves! No Food Lord sitting on a throne of pepperoni pizzas to tell you what to eat and where to chuck that passé dish. Just people united by the love for eating out and experimenting with their meals.


So after basking in the glory of having successfully brought people together, filtered out annoying advertisements and achieved a rather cool turnaround time, Shuchir and Anjali decided to introduce the Capital region to a concept that happens to be a global rage- Dinner with Strangers.
Nope. Not a place to meet singles (though if you do, they hope it’s over a helping of cheesecake). Dinner with Strangers is a carefully curated event that gets the foodies of the internet to meet offline and get out of their comfort zone by breaking bread with complete strangers. The pilot edition was rolled out earlier this month at Monkey Bar, Vasant Kunj. ‘Due to a high demand for version 1.2, we’re hosting Dinner with Strangers II on Thursday the 27th of March 2014 at Smokey’s Bar & Grill’. Communal dining is missing from the Delhi food circuit and we’re here to make it enjoyable. Eating together helps people bond and opens up doors for defined experiences’, says Anjali.
Since we fully plan to check out Dinner with Strangers II, we have decided to get to know our hosts better and figure out how the founders plan to take their brainchild to the next level.

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