Flying Without Wings (An Excerpt)

Rishabh Puri is is back! This time with “Flying Without Wings”, which is a story of love and hope in the darkest of circumstances. Here’s a little sneak peak  😉

He dreamed of her sometimes, whoever ‘she’ was. The one person who could conquer his heart and ignite his soul. He dreamed of the one woman who would open her arms to him and hold him tight, promising to never let go. He dreamed of a feeling that would last a lifetime, through good times and bad, a woman who really meant it when she said ‘I love you’ to him and not mean ‘I love your fortune’.
She had to be somewhere, he knew. Waiting for him, dreaming of him too. Burying herself in books like him, reading stories of love to fill the void of having no one. Soon enough, he promised himself, they would have each other. They would hold each other forever in that perfect kiss. He just had to find her first.

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