Enter the #BreakingStereotypes Twitter Contest!

1. “The #BreakingStereotypes Contest” shall begin on 12 PM, May 7th and end on 5 PM May 7th. This Contest shall be run by Trulymadly Matchmakers Pvt. Ltd.
2. This contest is open for all Indian citizens – residing in India and abroad; Foreign citizens residing in India and employees, agencies and affiliates of Trulymadly.
3. Answers have to be replies to “@thetrulymadly” on Twitter.com with #breakingstereotypes. Participants must Retweet the contest post to be eligible.
4. Users who post a minimum of one unique stereotype will be eligible for prizes. A user can post any number of stereotypes.
5. The TrulyMadly Matchmakers team will review all tweets and declare winners accordingly for the twitter contest. The winner will be decided by the panel of judges based on the creativity of the tweet.
6. 5 total winners shall be announced on twitter.com/thetrulymadly
7. Trulymadly Matchmakers reserves the sole rights to decide on the winners from the valid Tweets only.
8. Winners will be selected from all the entries through Twitter and be awarded gift hampers worth Rs. 1,000 each, provided all conditions are met.
10. Prizes cannot be encashed for money. The prize shall also not be transferrable.
11. In the event the prizes are delivered in a broken or damaged condition, the same shall be reported at the time of the receipt of the same itself. No subsequent claims shall be entertained.
12. At the time of collecting your prize the winner shall be invariably required to produce valid identity proofs. The winner shall be required to provide self attested proof of identity, proof of residence, email copy and all other necessary documents for verification. In case of the validation failure your prize will be forfeited.
13. Winners must claim the prize & submit all documents for reviews in the manner communicated by Trulymadly Matchmakers. In case the winner fails to contact the specified person on or before 11th May, the winner shall be deemed to have surrendered the prize/s.
14. All taxes and other levies applicable to the prizes shall be borne by the winners.
15. Any Participant’s reply containing offensive text/picture/video shall be not be considered for participation and duly rejected. We strongly discourage rude or insulting posts or entries, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. We will block such Twitter profiles from the Contest right away.
16. Trulymadly Matchmakers reserves the right to disqualify any participant winner if it has reasonable reasons to believe that the participant/winner has breached any of the “Terms and Conditions” of the contest.
17. Use of abusive language and profane words for any other participant is also strictly prohibited. Trulymadly Matchmakers will not consider such Twitter profiles from the Contest.
18. This contest is only a platform for participants to share their views on the stereotypes faced by them, and have fun at the same time. Also Trulymadly Matchmakers shall not be liable for any copyright claims arising so forth.
19. Trulymadly Matchmakers shall not be responsible in any manner to anybody including any of the participants for the misuse of the Profile includes the Text/Images/Video uploaded by the participant or any unauthorized upload of any video/image.
20. Trulymadly Matchmakers may, without advance notice, cancel, suspend or postpone the contest at any time.
22. The ‘Terms and Conditions’ contained herein and as amended/modified from time to time as mentioned on the Truly Madly blog – http://trulymadly.com/blog shall apply to this Contest.
23. In case of change in date of event or cancellation thereof for any reason beyond control of Trulymadly Matchmakers, Trulymadly Matchmakers shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.
24. Disputes relating to this Contest shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Delhi only.
25. We may change these conditions from time to time without prior notice. It is the User’s responsibility to check regularly, in order to ascertain if any changes have been made to these Terms and Conditions.
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