Guide to have the best dates in Mumbai

best dates in mumbai

Anisha Sharma is a writer, coffee addict, and item number aficionado. She runs Owl by the Window, a Mumbai-based digital film production company. In her free time, she reads, waxes not so eloquent on Twitter, and runs away from pigeons.

Dating in Mumbai is as normal as it is exclusive. That’s what makes talking about the single life in the city so much fun.

Dating could mean shyly holding your boyfriend’s hand before he “proposes.” In college, it meant calling someone your girlfriend before you even knew what her favorite color was.

It was all about locking it down and making sure everyone knew you were together, then proceeding to get to know each other.

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Dating could be going out with your prospective bride that your entire extended family has vetted, done background checks on, and sent Daya to break the Darwaza on the skeletons in his/her closet. Dating Mumbai online could also be a thing to consider.

Dating has also evolved to include everything we saw in the movies growing up–picking up someone at the bar oh so smoothly, fancy restaurants, nice outfits, saying all the right things at the right time.

Dating, to me, is about being comfortable with each others’ lives and habits, finding the perfect fit in the chaotic string of rickshaw rejections we call life in Mumbai.

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So, when the TrulyMadly team went around the city asking people what they thought of dating in the city, the answers were hilarious, slightly strange (the guy at 0:09 CRACKED me up! “Why tie around a bush?” is going to be my new answer to everything!)

Apart from the guy on the bike who thought he was the Casanova of Bandra, I loved hearing what people had to say – it just reinforces my belief that in this crazy city, there’s someone for everyone. 

Here’s what Mumbaikars think about dating:

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