Shibani Dandekar: Dating Mistakes I’ve Made & May Make Again

Dating Mistakes I've Made & May Make Again

Dating Mistakes: By Anchor, Actress, Singer, Dancer, Dreamer “Shibani Dandekar

Is dating wrong? Dating seems fairly easy to you, and dating advice for men or women seems useless? You like someone; he likes you back; you both show up on a date and have a good time. Right? Not quite.

Dating Mistakes: By Anchor, Actress, Singer, Dancer, Dreamer "Shibani Dandekar"

Let’s take a quick throwback on your previous dates. Have you ever pretended to be someone you weren’t, just to impress him? Or were you the one who kept contacting him when he was blowing you off?

You aren’t alone. I’ve committed quite a few common first relationship mistakes somewhere along the way. So if you are trying to make a new relationship work, try not to avoid a deja vu of your previous dating mistakes… or mine! 

Here, by sharing my dating mistakes to avoid in a new relationship, I intend to give some very useful tips on what not to do when you start dating to all the youngsters out there who think dating is easy and simple!

1. When I stayed on a date with someone so that I wouldn’t hurt his feelings!

When they teach you dating etiquette, putting emphasis on how cutting your date short is rude when you don’t like them is totally wrong. Of Course, it’s rude but also required. Pleasing people is a dangerous trait, especially if honesty is the most important factor in your relationship.

Every relationship contract actually should have a disclaimer clause that states: Your feelings could get hurt. There was the initial spark with this guy, but not long-lasting enough to make me want to see him again.

Dating Mistakes: My Takeaway From This

Dragging a relationship long enough would cause more pain than if you break it up when you realize it’s not what you are looking for. Remember, breakups suck but are sometimes necessary.

2. When I stalked my date online, only to reveal it all during the date!

This one’s gold and one of the most important dating tips for women and men that I personally want to put emphasis on! I solely blame technology for this. I realized halfway through the date; I revealed stuff about him that I’d stalked his tweets. This sure made him very uncomfortable, and predictably, there was no second date.

Dating Mistakes: My Takeaway From This

Sure, googling in the digital age is totally allowed, but only if you charmingly reveal it.

3. When I felt he’s too good to be true!

This one fits in the list of dating advice for women!

There’s that wild, inexplicable connection you have from the moment you met. If he talks like you are the most incredible thing to happen to Planet Earth since Kim Kardashian, slow down. Time will tell if he is just another player or the real deal.

My takeaway from this: Take a step back. If he’s worth the wait, he’ll be more than willing to play the waiting game. You don’t want to be licking your wounds (and salty tears).

4. When I avoided the fact that there was no real connection!

I could only wish all those online relationships advice should have covered this point too. For years, I always thought that the point of a date was to charm and attract him. I would indulge in hilarious work stories or immerse myself in a self-campaigning mode to show my best side. Now that I look back, I realize this technique would in no way get a guy to know the real me. Where’s the connection then?

Dating Mistakes: My Takeaway From This

Intuition is a real thing, so trust yours. Walk away instead of staying under an illusion.

5. When being busy to date was a valid reason!

Sure, we all lead busy lives. By pushing yourself to the brink, it’s never a healthy thing to do, especially if you have an erratic schedule like mine. We all have been a victim of bad timing at least once in our lives. Don’t lose yourself just because you are with someone else.

Dating Mistakes: My Takeaway From This

It’s no one’s fault if the timing was not on your side. It’s just the way things worked out…or didn’t. To quote Robin Scherbatsky, ‘’If you have chemistry, you only need one other thing- timing, but timing’s a bitch.’’

After all the mistakes in love relationships I’ve made, I think it’s best to laugh it off, shrug, and walk away. Take off those rose coloured glasses and watch out for the red flags! Maybe the next date will be patient enough to give me a second shot. Here’s to moving on!

I want you guys to unlearn some unwanted dating tips if you have those in your stock. I know the internet today is flooded with tons of relationship tips for men and women, but you must know when and how to filter them! 

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