To Date or Not to Date

‘Will you go out with me?’- Women Can Ask Men Out Too!
It’s going to be winter time soon in the city of “DateLee” and strangely enough,  love, lust and LIITs (this year’s new entrant) seem to be the talk of the town.

Nikhil & Nikita, close friends from their childhood have always pondered how could they perhaps date? This is where their life stood –
#1 – Both were neighbours – So apart from their morning regurgitations (Eww!), knew about everything there was to each other.
#2 – Same school, dance class, karate class, tuition, bus, rickshaw, bowl of mishti etc – You get the picture..
#3 – And now, same college, same group, same hobbies, same societies, same TEWTs, same proxy partner, same chai spot, same banta lover.

In summary, Nikhil & Nikita were in each other’s faces practically 24/7!

Often you’d hear whispers in the hall: “What are they hiding boss?”,  “Think they eloped or what?“,  “Man, what a playea!“, “Hmm…She could have done better..” “Hai…Mera Nikhil…
But to Nikhil and Nikita, life was just super. They hung out, chilled out, ate, drank, and laughed together but there still hung a silent stem of mistletoe above their heads and every time someone asked them, “Are you guys dating or what?”,  a slow and morbidly uncomfortable silence would creep in. Both would look the other way and wait for it to pass like the horrible stench when you cross some of DateLee’s old lanes.
Then one day, Nikhil gathered the courage. He wore his best shirt and went about his usual routine of ringing Nikita’s doorbell, hailing them a rickshaw and reaching college. There, he did something different. He called all their friends to the canteen and allowed a chilling atmosphere to take over, just like the mistletoe.
All their friends including Nikita were looking earnestly at Nikhil as if something magical were about to happen, until Nikhil finally, after many repeated moments of suspense, pulled out a muffin from his pocket. The crowd gasped, the canteen boy dropped his orders, the fans stopped whirring, the air became as still as still is. Nikhil, unfazed, looked at Nikita and said, “Will you share this muffin with me?”
Never again did that morbid uncomfortable silence hang when anyone asked them The Question. Instead they just smiled and you know what, you get the picture!

– Dhruv Raj Gupta, SeekSherpa
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