Being in a Relationship With an on-off Person

on and off relationships

To start with, if your relationship doesn’t feel right to you, it’s always a good idea to take an exit rather than sticking with the comfort blanket of how perfect it was “earlier.”

If you feel you’re trapped in an on-off relationship, it’s time you analyze it and decide for yourself.   

Swerving a little from the surface-level issues of being in a relationship that’s irregular, as human beings enveloped with emotions, it’s harder than said to break up with the one who’s important to you.

Getting emotionally attached is one of the humans’ natural traits. You tend to get sentimental when a favorite character dies in a show, you burst crackers when your favorite sports team wins, and you can’t ever share your favorite bar of chocolate.

These are all examples of you getting attached to things that are either fictional, non-living or someone you haven’t ever actually met in real life. 

on and off relationships

When these things can easily become a part of you that you care for and feel for, it’s heartbreaking to know that your relationship with the person you love is not working out. Go on and ask yourself, “ is this on again off again relationship worth it?”

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Is An On-Off Relationship Pattern A Healthy Pattern, Or It’s Something That Indicates The Totally Opposite?

“I keep on fallin’ in and out of love with you. Sometimes I love ya, sometimes you make me blue. Sometimes I feel good, at times I feel used. Lovin’ you darlin’ makes me so confused.” –Alicia Keys

Breakups are always difficult, followed by a lack of mental peace and decreased life gratification. Even the joy of union disappears somewhere in the air, knowing how things would eventually turn.  

On and off relationships limpidly indicate some stubborn issues that remain unresolved, leading to couples parting their ways and getting back together for the sake of love.

Analyzing this pattern deeply, evidence highlights that for both personal welfare and relation, uncoupling and reuniting are toxic.

These back and forth cycles give birth to pain, negativity, dissatisfaction, lack of passion, and in some cases, distrust.

When compared with regular relationships, these on and off relationships have an added element of stress that deteriorates things further.

Trying to analyze it another way around, there’s always hope in the corner that could be a game-changer.

With an attempt to focus on the positive side of on and off relationships, there are couples who make the most of all these changing scenarios and bring out the best version of their relationship than ever.

A breakup or some time-off gives space to analyses that bring in hopes and satisfaction. To put it this way, if this whole idea of on-off is done with a purpose, there are chances that it would help you.

If it’s seen as a way to run and ignore the elephant in the room, things will only get worse, and you better be ready for the Final Breakup.

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When Looked at It on a Personal Level …

Everyone’s emotional level is different. Some develop feelings at a snail pace, others at the speed of light and still others keep guard not to become vulnerable.

But however it may be, one thing is for sure that when you do develop feelings, you keep yourself at the edge of the cliff, waiting either to be proved right and saved by them or take a dive and fall in the bottomless pit.

You become that emotionally susceptible that you leave it to them, manhandling your emotions.

Everybody has the option of an on-off switch but choosing to use it is a clear explanation in itself. They are usually either confused about their own feelings, become bored easily and need change and excitement at all times or simply fall cold for some unknown reason, often even to themselves.

It would be wrong to jump to the conclusion that all that they were having was a façade and were only delivering crisp dialogues and an award-winning performance to fool you.

As mentioned before, they sometimes are oblivious to their behavior. The reason sometimes could be the abandonment they may have faced previously or a bad experience that turned them into an ice sculpture.

How to Be in a Healthy Relationship?

how to be in a healthy relationship

Ask yourself one simple question! 

Should I be in a relationship that’s costing me my self-respect, mental peace, my dreams, my time, my career, and most important of all, my happiness? 

Whatever may be the reason, the thing to understand here is that even if you are a person who wears their heart on their sleeves, you need to be cautious and not let your guard down so easily.

Though a lie, try to show a tougher exterior till you analyze them and their feelings about you and save yourself from the agony of utter confusion and heartbreak.

You don’t need to shut down your romantic and soft side completely, though, and become dubious but only be wary and not too gullible. Give them some time to find their footing, but if they can’t, it is better that you detach your emotions and let them go. 

Sometimes, letting go is better than holding onto something that’s not right for you! 

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