Breaking Stereotypes

The world is a funny place. We live to be distinctive and strive to fit in simultaneously, adding fuel to the fire of collective stereotypes in society while moving forward. But we at Truly Madly aren’t okay with the status quo. 

We like to see every individual through a different lens instead of bucketing them in categories. We like meeting fun people in this funny world and figuring out what makes them stand out.

We like going against the rules.

We like breaking stereotypes!!

Since the very beginning, we have been spoon-fed what to expect from whom. Women in the kitchen, men at the workplace, men making the first move, women can’t drive, men paying the bill, women can’t be owners of the house, and the list can go on. 

Effects of stereotyping in society are much more than we think, and somewhere it also bottlenecks the progress of us as human beings who must change with time for good! 

Stereotypes in society are not something that only needs a little discussion and then the files should be closed. But, like other burning issues in society, it equally needs modification and some real attention.  

Take a look at the industry we work in! Matchmaking has suddenly become synonymous with scary elements like horoscopes (or as we call them, horoscopes), aunties and panditjis, band baaja baaraat, and ‘statistics.’

From these, statistics disturb us the most! Statistics make the matchmaking process clinical and impersonal, which really takes the fun and love out of it.

No Sir. No thank you! We vote for compatibility and not mathematical congruence. So how to get the junta to start thinking differently?

Show them the difference within themselves. That’s from where the power of breaking stereotypes will take birth!

It was with this objective that we decided to run a little social experiment and speak with Delhi boys and girls about life (not just matches 😉 and how they’ve faced generalizations while growing up.

Surprisingly for them and excitingly enough for us, we hit gold! We found Hindus who eat beef, Punjabis who love masala dosas, and baniyas who aren’t businessmen (gasp!).

As our campaign gained pace, numbers multiplied and the cycle went on. We have successfully managed to curate funky and controversial stereotypes faced by real people across town and debunked them ‘like a boss!’

We are officially one step closer to breaking stereotypes in India, especially breaking gender stereotypes. Yahoo!

It always feels impossible and tough to take the steps towards change, but one progressive and planned step at a time to reach the final destination is the right way.

Start with even something small, and you’ll see the magic of keep moving and keep trying. But, unfortunately, stereotypes in society are not letting great minds bloom, and it’s exactly the point where we as a nation come out to be weak and less productive. A little mental revolution and things would fall into place! 

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories that could change the way you look at people and live your life. 

Let’s all come together for breaking stereotypes and keeping the first brick of the new nation that’s more open-minded and less judgemental that’s backed by all these stereotypes!

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