How to find ‘the one’:

  1. Download TrulyMadly
  2. ‘Like’ some interesting peeps
  3. Chat up with some of the matches
  4. Start finding one of them really fun to talk to
  5. Realize that he is probably ‘the one’ 🙂
  6. And script an unforgettable UnSingle Story together!

As unbelievable as that sounds, that is just how lucky this girl got on the TrulyMadly app. After a few crazy whirlpool months of dating, they got engaged. And their wedding broke all kinds of stereotypes. Here’s a funny take of their experience.
Apologies sanctimonious Indian culture, this wedding was an aberration. #Anookriti

  • The not-so-coy bride. She didn’t look down when she made her grand entry. Neither did she walk slowly. The worst part being she was wearing shades as she entered. The bride walked in like a boss and was an equal part to it. Blasphemous 😛 !


  • The groom didn’t look like as if he is a product on Amazon(dot)com. No currency garlands around his neck. He didn’t wear his Hey-look-at-my-wealth look mainly for two reasons. First, he doesn’t have much wealth. Second, that’s the last thing she’s interested in. Also, he isn’t very attractive, so no veil of sehra to keep the evil eyes off.


  • The good old Amby replaced the royal stallion. The groom made a not-so-grand entry in a yellow Amby taxi representing his love for the city they were getting hitched in – Calcutta. On second thoughts, it was a grand entry as he sat on top of the cranky old Amby. In a nutshell, no horses or any other animals were hurt just because we were getting hitched. Screw royalty.

The bride-cum-singer-cum-drummer. The bride did more than the usual meet-and-greet with a pout photographs at the wedding. She played drums in her pre-wed gown with her band. As if that wasn’t irreverent enough, she sang to steal the limelight completely from the groom.
The groom was a total clown. He was anyone but that pretentious royal toad smugly gracing his rented throne. On the contrary, he acted so cheap that he hired his friends to stalk the bride so that eventually he can land up like a hero and save her from the hired romeos. The ploy didn’t work thanks to his overacting skills.

  • At the wedding they saved a lot of money by not hiring professional performers. They invited a lot of talented friends instead. The bride’s band played a complete set on Bollywood sufi, while the groom’s band did some LIVE carnatic rendition. To top it all, the couple did a LIVE jugalbandi on djembe and drums in the DIY event. The showstopper was this friend who spun fire with the baraat and pretty much everywhere else without setting things on fire. You can write to her at [email protected] for some serious fire thrills.


  • Photographs can be photoshopped, but a painting can’t be. So, the wedding was LIVE sketched by this painter, so that you know we aren’t cooking al this up. He was unwell and advised bed rest, yet showed up last moment because he did not want to ruin the bride’s surprise. Thank you Jiban da (+91-9038498259)


  • They wrote their own vows and exchanged them in front of all the guests. Some of the vows were lame, but at least they didn’t reek of patriarchy. For instance, the groom promised he wouldn’t call her honey ever. He wouldn’t even call honey honey. Though, the most important vow they exchanged was to be travel companions for life. Hence, came this baby called Found on all fours(https://www.facebook.com/foundonallfours/). Read more about their travel expeditions here.

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